Salon 6

The New Hazlett Theater presents an evening of conversation, libation and flirtation as the theater celebrates its six-year anniversary with Salon 6 on Thursday, September 20. Like the legendary 1920s salons of Paris, the evening will be a stimulating artistic aperitif as patrons enjoy cocktails, hors d'oeuvres, and dessert and champagne mixed with six intimate performances by artists from diverse genres.

Salon 6 features internationally renowned violinist Daniel Bernard Roumain (DBR)—perhaps the only composer who has worked with both Philip Glass and Lady Gaga—in collaboration with local artists Texture Contemporary Ballet; actor/comedian Alan Olifson; cabaret and jazz singer Trevor McQueen; acrobat Erin the Aerialist; and jazz musician Mark Flaherty.
The event’s proceeds benefit the New Hazlett Theater, which nurtures, promotes and hosts local as well as national and international arts groups to the Northside and Pittsburgh community.

The evening’s proceeds benefit the nonprofit theater, which renovated and relaunched the Northside’s Hazlett Theater as a venue for world class cultural events and with the intention of restoring the theater as a productive urban arts destination. The space presents numerous programs, including theater, dance, family programming, performance-art events, music, and spoken word performances, among other programming options. Theater offerings appeal to children, families and adult audiences. More than simply a venue, the theater provides professional and technical support to local artists and tenant companies.

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