Pittsburgh's 6th Annual Glue Factory Project-PARALLEL LIVES

We carry the world in our pockets.

We overlook those across the table 

while simultaneously texting others across the globe 

— “reaching out” endlessly — hoping for more.


CORNINGWORKS, directed by award-winning choreographer Beth Corning, will present Pittsburgh’s 6th annual GLUE FACTORY PROJECT with the world premiere of PARALLEL LIVES, a full-evening, multi-disciplinary dancetheater work choreographed by Beth Corning and starring BESSIE award-winning, critically acclaimed dancer Arthur Aviles (former principal dancer with Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company), who will perform this evening length duet with Corning, with a set design by Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, "Artist of the Year", Akiko Kotani, and lighting by Australian Designer Iain Court.  Co-presented by, and performed at, The New Hazlett Theater, September 10 – 14, 2014.  

CORNINGWORKS award-winning series, THE GLUE FACTORY PROJECT - created on internationally and nationally renowned performers over the age of 40, explores mature themes and subject matter, highlighting the mastery of critically acclaimed, seasoned, renowned artists, who bring nuance, subtlety, and a deep sense of humanity to each world-class production.  In PARALLEL LIVES two seasoned performers explore the quiet hum of the quotidian and our even quieter expectations that life could be more.    Despite the constant onslaught of “in touch” technology, humanity seems to be growing further apart, more sealed into our own worlds, while sitting silently next to each other, we are bowed over our phones sending texts to others.


It is the every day that is of interest here.  That one moment of passing by a window and in that fleeting glimpse, what do we see?  The audience and the performers metaphorically, and literally, separated by transparent walls — if we look through them would we recognize ourselves, or deny the view and return to our virtually connected worlds?  Moments of fantasy coincide with the mundane.  Life, in the fast lane.

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