NAT 28's Creation/Preservation

In celebration of multiculturalism and diversity in American history, NAT 28 presents Creation/Preservation. The concert is presented in collaboration with The Homewood Cemetery Historical Fund as part of a series of performances which take inspiration from the Cemetery's history. NAT 28 recognizes that a cemetery is a cultural expression which provides a vivid look into the history of its surrounding city. The Homewood Cemetery's history reflects the multicultural history of Pittsburgh, and preserves the stories of those who inhabit it.

The concert will feature the momentous work Apartment House 1776 by John Cage, commissioned to celebrate the United States' Bicentennial in 1976. The concert-length work is centered on four songs sung by four singers who represent one of four religious traditions in practice at the founding of the United States in 1776: Native American, African American, Sephardic, and Protestant. Each singer performs their song independently while the accompanying ensemble performs American Revolution era anthems and hymns which Cage recomposed through his iconic chance operations. The performance celebrates and honors the opportunity for people of many backgrounds to create and preserve their traditions in a shared space, and reflects our hope to preserve and protect the multicultural fabric of our city and world.

April 27, 2019
The Homewood Cemetery
1599 S. Dallas Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15217
$15 general admission / $5 students