Merz, Miller & The Wolves

Emerging from their humble beginning as a happy hour duo, Isaac Merz and Leslie Miller have watched their vision unfold beyond the capacity of their imagination. Following the addition of their drummer, Ariana Bigler, and bassist, Trevor Ring, the eclectic sound of the band is now complete. Sometimes the Wolves can be described as earthy and spacious, layering ephemeral vocal harmonies over bass drones, delays, and lightly brushed cymbals. Other times, their sound is dark and rumbly, belting over distorted guitar and prog-esque drums. And sometimes,
they are lively and uplifting, combining clawhammer banjo with funky bass riffs, storytelling, and participatory wolf howling. The band embraces their indefinability, their inability to be pigeon-holed. When confronted with the question, "So... what genre is this?" they have elected for the label Alternative Fusion Rock, a description left open-ended so they may leave the listener to wonder and decide for themselves. No matter what they play, their unique combination of talent and personality is guaranteed to bring their spectators on a journey.