Eko Chamber Collective

The Warhol welcomes Eko Chamber Collective, featuring an eclectic roster of Pittsburgh-based musicians including Herman Pearl, aka Soy Sos, (electronics), Brittany Trotter (flute), Anqwenique Kinsel (voice), Sadie Powers (bass), Paul Thompson (bass) and Brian Riordan (live processing). The collective is a live electro-acoustic ensemble that utilizes spatialized performance techniques that cater to reverberant spaces. With the use of a multi-channel sound system, the group creates an immersive sound environment by collaborating with the acoustics and architecture of spaces rather than working against them, and this site-specific performance has been developed with The Warhol entrance space in mind. Audience members are encouraged to move about the performance space, as the ensemble’s compositions are created to lend themselves to unique sonic experiences, which unfold differently depending on one's vantage point.
Doors open at 7:30 p.m.