East Liberty Live: “Mama” Kadiatou Conte-Forte: Kiridi (The Orphan) - A Cinderella Story

Set in a traditional Guinean village, "Mama" Kadiatou weaves the Cinderella-Like fairytale of a young woman who is forbidden to dance and pursue the man she loves by her jealous stepmother and stepsisters. The rich percussive rhythms of the native Sossou, Malinke, and Toma set the tone for a powerful ensemble of more than 15 dancers and drummers.

"Mama" Kadiatou Conte-Forte is a dancer, choreographer and director who developed her tremendous skill through intense training from a young age in nationally directed dance programs aimed at showcasing Guinea's best talent on the world stage. She studied traditional West African dance styles from across Guinea quickly becoming a lead in Les Ballet Africaines and Ballet Djoliba.

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