Dog Daze of Summer

Love your dog?

Love summer?

You'll gonna love this then.

We're throwing a dog park and pool party!

Boring people not invited. 

Bring your favorite pup along and enjoy special access to this amazing indoor and outdoor pet park, and the best part.. watching your dog cool off as they dive into an amazing 3,000 sq ft dog pool!!

We've teamed up with the Western PA Humane Society to collect donations for animals in need!

Only 10 bucks and simple donation (food, treats, toys, money, etc.) - and you and 1 dog get access to the above PLUS we'll be tipping back some beers and kicking it with the rwntwn crowd.

Come out, meet new people and give your dog the exercise and fun time they deserve. 

Even if you don't have a dog this is still an experience you don't want to miss and it's for a good cause! Just 5 bucks and a donation to come out and chill.  

** VERY IMPORTANT ** Your dog must be well-tempered and you MUST bring proof of vaccinations to gain admitance to the park. We don't need any crazy Cujo scenerios going down (we'll save those for our Halloween Experience).  NO vaccines - NO admittance! Vaccinations needed to attend:  Rabies, Distemper (DHPP or DHLPP) and Bordatella

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