Corningworks 2014 Glue Factory Project: "The Recipes Our Mothers Gave Us"

Created & performed by Maria Cheng, Beth Corning 
& Francoise Fournier
Lighting by Iain Court, & special music composed by Mary Ellen Childs

3 seasoned performers …
An Asian, an American, and a French/Swede explore societal stories that season one's life.  
The lines we were fed, the words we imbibed, the recipes tried... RECIPES for success, for failure, for nutrition, for starvation — the world intrudes, the ingredients reinterpreted! 

A complimentary “TASTING EVENT” will follow each performance hosted by a local guest celebrity chef --

Wed 7pm
performance followed by an ARTIST CONVERSATION led by Post Gazette Columnist TONY NORMAN
GUEST CHEF Jamilka Borges & CHEF Sarah Thomas BAR MARCO

Thurs  Fri  Sat 8pm
THURS: GUEST CHEF David Russo – International Culinary School 
FRI: GUEST CHEF Michael Chen – Tamari Restaurants
SAT: GUEST CHEF Chaz – The Culinary Artist

Sun 2pm
PAY-WHAT-YOU CAN ADMISSION (available only at the door)
GUEST CHEFS Roger Levine & Brittany Kerr – International Culinary School

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