Bunker Projects Presents - Who Is She?

Bunker Projects brings the Who Is She Tour to Pittsburgh with performances by Jennifer Vanilla, Chartruisa, slowdanger, and Davis Galvin.

Jennifer Vanilla 

Jennifer Vanilla is the entrepreneurial fantasy vessel LARPed into reality by Becca Kauffman, a New York City performance artist and long standing member of art rock band, Ava Luna. Her commercial-inspired vocalizations, paired with reconstructions (or "jv edits") of 90's house tracks, are reminiscent of Will Powers, Ann Steel, and Laurie Anderson, and provide the foundation for her comedic motivational, live performances. A contempo clown who uses attention as her business model, she'll sell you back to yourself for free. "If you're going to have a fantasy, at least make it reality. If you're going to have reality, at least make it a fantasy." 



Monotone Monologues star Chartruisa, a local representative of Monochromania: the chartreuse sector. Drenched in a world of monochrome chartreuse and slow-speaking, androgynous monotone speed, Chartruisa is hypersensitive to touch but newly seeking love in the Earthly realm. Monotone Monologues recount small slurps of attempts of humanly connection.

Hannah Hiaasen is an interdisciplinary artist currently living and working in Brooklyn, NY where they ventilate workwear by day, and perform Monotone Monologues by night. 



Taylor Knight and Anna Thompson are Co-Founding Artistic Directors of slowdanger, a multidisciplinary performance duo based in Pittsburgh PA. Their work fuses sound and movement into an elusive, but illustrative combination of improvised contemporary and postmodern dance frameworks, found material, electronic instrumentation, vocalization, physiological centering and ontological examination. slowdanger uses performance as ritual practice to delve into patterns of the circular rhythm of life. Within this process, they use collected field recordings, writings, found objects and performative structures to create their episodic body of work, ‘the memory series’. With each work that is put forth, a deeper understanding is found through the practice of making. slowdanger generates a thickness of memory through filtering veiled remembrances until they are distilled to their simplest form. Repurposing their own product so it remains constantly in process. This ever evolving process is akin to the construction zone where inspiration was drawn for the name, slowdanger. Breaking ground to build upon the demolished surface using old structures to a innovate a new concept or construction. From directing music videos to scoring a play, slowdanger transforms its shape to adapt to a variety of different containers. slowdanger’s performance work has been featured across the states in venues ranging from proscenium theater settings and galleries to nightclubs and dive bars.


Davis Galvin

Davis Galvin is a strange good time. His music is a hot mess of rich analogue synthesis, lush reverb, and seriously way too many percussion sounds bruv, like take a breather for a second please. Tonight he draws on his massive back catalogue of unreleased tracks and his limited back catalogue of midi controllers for a live set that will probably get the people moving a little bit.