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The Who recently hit its 50th anniversary and while many in the UK were excited to hear the band would be touring there again later this year, fans worldwide got something exciting to look forward to
Any normal person driving past RCA Studio A, practically hidden on Music Row street corner, would imagine the place was an apartment complex rather than one of the most important buildings in country
In a recent interview with The Guardian Lana Del Ray offered comments about her idols in music, but is now getting backlash from the daughter of one of those idols.
The Icelandic pop-star Björk has made an impact as not only having great music, but integrating it with art, making for the unique visually exciting things she does.
It's been almost forty years since Peter Gabriel quit Genesis and while the chances of him and the rest of the band reuniting anytime soon are pretty slim, there is reason to rejoice for a different k
Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy was initially set to release a new album under the solo project name Sukierae, however the solo project isn't only the spark of Jeff's creativity, but someone who h
Saturday, April 5th marked the 20th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death. On April 5th, 1994 Nirvana's front man took his life at 27 years old in his Seattle home.