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In addition to previously recorded tracks with Miley Cyrus, Moby, and Dr. Dog, Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne has revealed the personnel for their Beatles’ Sgt.
Lead singer, Jarvis Cocker, of the Sheffield britpop band Pulp will now judge a karaoke contest.
Along with already starting work on the next Elbow album, the yet-to-be-named Guy Garvey solo project is about to take off as well.
Freedom of the City is one of the oldest surviving traditions in the UK among other countries and to be added to the list today is Eels Frontman Mark Oliver Everett.
The 10-ft-tall pine tree, planted in 2004, was meant to serve as a memorial to the great Beatles songwriter George Harrison but as fate as it, the tree was recently infested by actual beetles, the Los
In a brief statement on behalf of rocker David Bowie, read at a recent charity event in London to celebrate 50 years of Bowie's music , new music is on the way. The Statement reads:
American singer/songwriter, known to be somewhat of an introvert, Cat Power and the popular London act Coldplay have premiered a new collaboration to be featured on the soundtrack for the upcoming fil
As two decades approach of Oasis' most iconic album ever, the band has decided to reissue its 1995 release (What's The Story) Morning Glory? which features classics "Don’t Look Back In Anger,