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"On My Mind, In My Heart" by Jesse Dee! That's today's Cool Kids pick, so Jesse Dee is certainly on our minds and in our hearts.
R E S P E C T. Tell your kids what it means to you. There are so many kids running wild these days, it seems like none of them have received a lesson in respect from the Queen of Soul.
Wanna hear some crazy awesome latin music? How about some crazy awesome Irish music? Well, today's Cool Kids track is kind of both.
In July of 2012, Alastair Moock learned that one of his five-year-old twin daughters, Clio, had leukemia.
This installment of Cool Kids features a classic and historic song by Bo Diddley. "Hey Bo Diddley" is a rockin' track, and it will really get your feet moving.
Today on Cool Kids, we bring you I'm My Own Grandpa as recorded by Willie Nelson. Originally written by Dwight Latham and Moe Jaffe, who were inspired by a book of Mark Twain anecdotes.
Today's Cool Kids song is actually a cover!
Nothing is better for the soul than a good bluesy piece of music, and Soulshine by Gov't Mule is really good for the soul. This tune reminds us that it will always get better.
The Breeders 1993 release, Last Splash, got its name from the song "Cannonball", which just so happens to be today's Cool Kids tune!
Today's cool kids segment is brought to you by the letter M! "M" stands for Meeting of Important People, who wrote a song called "Brittney Lane Don't Care".