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Even the coolest kids these days probably have limited exposure to Motown, so here's your chance to take your kids back in time. Today's Cool Kids track is Heat Wave by Martha and the Vandellas!
The young Michael Jackson was probably one of the Coolest Kids of all time. At 11 years old, Michael took the lead on today's Cool Kids song, "ABC" by the Jackson Five.
"I've got sunshine on a cloudy day." That may not be true for us in Pittsburgh today, but it was true for the Temptations in their song "My Girl", all the way back in 1964.
We've got a classic for this morning's Cool Kids song! The King of Cool, Dean Martin, made this swanky tune way back in the 50s, but it still has the power to make us move even today.
Today, we had a special guest for Cool Kids! Singer-songwriter Grant Lee Phillips told us about what he listens to with his kids, and he named "She Said" by The Cramps.
Today's Cool Kids song is meant to brainwash you and your kids! Just kidding, kind of.
The music video for today's Cool Kids song is pretty cool. The backdrop sort of grows up around the band, and it looks like paper mâchè mountains and volcanos and all sorts of stuff.
Today's Cool Kids jam is a fun song about a not so fun activity: working in a coal mine.
Awooooooooooo! Hear that howl? That means it's time for today's Cool Kids song! The song is "Awoo" by The Hidden Cameras, a fun song that will get your kids howling at the moon.