WYEP's Album Sides Weekend

Starting at 1 PM on Friday, May 26, WYEP will kick off an Album Sides Weekend. Every hour will start with the songs that represent one "side" of an album. We'll continue all weekend and on through the Monday holiday. WYEP's weekend specialty shows will be a part of the fun, showcasing great album sides from their genres as well.


Since the dawn of the CD era (and continuing into the digital world), albums have been primarily one single playlist produced by an artist. In the analog world of vinyl (and cassettes!), however, albums are divided into smaller, bite-sized chunks of sides. Sometimes one side of an album features an amazing group of 4 or 5 or 6 songs that make for a brilliant listening experience.


We're combing through our library to find the best album sides we can find, from classic 1960s albums that had only a vinyl LP originally, to recent albums that are released simultaneously on vinyl, CD, and as digital streams.


If you know of great album sides that you want to suggest that we should play during Memorial Day weekend, please do! Tweet at us, post on our Facebook wall, email us, call us - just be sure to let us know the artist, the album, and don't forget which side you want to suggest.


And listen to WYEP from 1 PM Friday 5/26 through midnight Monday 5/29 to hear plenty of terrific album sides.