Web Extra: Punchline's Secret Hobby

Pittsburgh band Punchline will be playing WYEP's Final Friday Concert this Friday. Before you catch the free show (along with Philly's Dave Hause & The Mermaid), the band had a confession to make.... read on!

Hi radio friends,

It is us, Punchline. The cat is out of the bag: We love to play hacky sack. Is that a crime? (It's not.) You know what? We've always loved hacky sack. We played in high school and found it a great way to kill time on our early tours. 

Where do you play hacky sack? 

Anywhere that is level, where there's enough space to form a little circle with your fellow players. Beware of gutters and places where the hack could slip away or land in a puddle of muck! Hacks are gorgeous. Don't let 'em fall in the muck, pal. 

How do you play the game?

Serve the hacky sack, or hack, to a fellow player. Never serve to yourself. Kick the hack to each other without letting it hit the ground. Once every player touches the hacky sack once, the team gets a point or hack. The goal is to get as many hacks for your team as you can! We're sure by this point you're sold and want to know how to strive to excel at hacky sack. Let's get to it. 

NOTE: We call it hacky sack, but most people call it footbag. 

1) Put in the time. We have our first hack session of the day at some point during our van ride to the next show, like when we stop for gas or lunch. It's good to get loosened up early on in the day! Second hack generally comes after we've arrived at the club and loaded in our gear/soundchecked. Generally, though, the most serious hack sessions happen just before bed. We're not kidding. Once we arrive at our hotel for the night, sometimes after driving for 2-3 hours, we get a couple hacks going in the parking lot. Sometimes we hack for a full hour. How do you know when to stop? Answer: Someone will say, "Hey, let's wrap this up," which will 100% be met with "Ok, let's get a good one in first." We like to end on a good note!

2) Don't teeth the hack. If the hacky sack lands on the hood of a car, or something that is not the ground, it's still in play and can be picked up with your teeth and thrown back into the circle. Be careful though, because last time Chris teethed the hack he got very sick. 

3) Strive to be like your hack idol. Every athlete strives to be like their idols. Our hack idol is Steve's neighbor, Ian. One night Ian mentioned to Steve that he had (for no real reason at all) mastered a certain skill in his youth. Upon further prodding, Ian revealed that the skill was hacky sack. Steve's mind was blown, as was Ian's when he realized he had found some of the last remaining individuals who think hacky sack is cool. Ian is good enough to play by himself. His record is 2,200 kicks in a row (without hitting the ground!). Get this— the ultimate record is 51,000!!!

Please let us know if you have any questions and come hack with us sometime. 




Photos courtesy of Punchline