Video Premiere: Grand Piano "Escape or Skate and Die"

It’s hard to describe the music of Grand Piano.

Is it punk rock?
Probably not. Too many horns.

Is it jazz, then?
No, not those kinds of horns.

So it’s just good old fashioned rock-n-roll?

It’s probably best to just sit down and have a listen. Or stand up and see them live for a better picture. Pittsburgh’s Grand Piano are back with a new record called Lost In the Diamond Labyrinth and it’s their most adventurous album to date. And that’s coming from a group that has an album about sea creatures and another about bugs.

We’re excited to premiere the video for “Escape or Skate and Die!” At the onset, the song and video take inspiration from classic Nintendo games of the 1980’s like “Skate or Die” or even “Bad Dudes” (guitarist Thomas Cipollone is also a prolific composer of 8-bit music), but the song quickly escalates to a hard-charging, dizzying array of gravelly vocals (Zak Kane), inventive drumming (Nick DeAngelo), deep squonking saxophone (Dr. Ryan Booth), and powerful bass (Wesley Conroy).

Take a journey into (and hopefully out of) the diamond labyrinth with Grand Piano. Lost in the Diamond Labyrinth is available to preorder now.