Two WYEP Playlists for Halloween

 Ghosts and ghouls and monsters and maybe even Yoda are coming for you!


 They'll be heading up your doorstep on Halloween to ring your bell and shout "trick or treat!" at you. You are busy   preparing your kingdom for the invasion by stocking up on bags and bags of variously-shaped sugary items. And   decorating everything with fake cobwebs. And maybe prepping your own frightful costume. The last thing you need to   add to your Halloween to-do list is to make a playlist of music to play through your front window as you hand out candy.   So we've got you covered, with a WYEP-curated Spotify playlist of fun music that's spooky enough for the occasion but   not too scary to make a pint-sized Spiderman or Ariel run away in tears.



However, you might be the sort of person who enjoys a good, occasional peek across the River Styx and see what terrors lie beyond. So we put together another set of music that we call our Seriously Creepy playlist. This one has songs that are a bit more freaky. Enjoy this one in the witching hour, preferably with thunder in the distance and a disconcerting creak emanating from your floorboards.