The 9:13 Buzz with Scott Tady

Every Wednesday at 9:13 am, one of Pittsburgh’s finest music writers joins me (Cindy Howes) on the Morning Mix to play a couple favorite new songs and share some insight. Today we welcome Scott Tady!

We asked Scott to bring in some of his top picks for 2016. In case you missed it here’s what he played with commentary by Scott:

Tady's #2 album for 2016 is Leonard Cohen from the album You Want it Darker

Music's poet laureate suspected his days were numbered as he sat down to write a swan song masterpiece. The lyrics are startling, urgent, uncompromising, confessional and packed with 82 years of wisdom, set to sparse arrangements offering both beauty and eeriness as on the title track, a dark rumination on the religious mind, blessed by the vocal harmonies of a Montreal synagogue choir. So many quotable lyrics ready to be recited and applied to our own lives as in "I was fighting with temptation, but I didn’t want to win" from this lovely track, "On The Level".

Tady's #1 of 2016 is Beach Slang, from A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings

Punk-rock urgency but still melodic -- in a Replacements-meets-Gaslight Anthem way -- with gravelly vocals that impart heart-on-the-sleeve grace and the wisdom of being an outsider or someone pondering life's big questions. Frontman James Alex wrote most of the songs after talking with the kids who bought the band's first album and came out to see the Philly band's correlating tour.  Though the feelings here span generation gaps, catering to those who simply yearn for hard, fast and purposeful punk and alt-rock that provides an adrenaline rush as on this selected tune, "Spin the Dial". Wouldn't be a bad thing if Beach Slang spawns a bunch of copy cat bands.