New Rollin & Tumblin Blog/Love Pittsburgh Music

Greetings, and welcome to the new Rollin and Tumblin blog! Now that each weekend specialty show on WYEP has its own page, I plan to use this opportunity to talk a little more in depth than what I can do on the air every Saturday from 9pm to midnight.

Rollin and Tumblin has been on the air now for almost 8 years (and we’ve now played over 375 unique versions of our title song)! and every week we’ve made it a point to play a handful of Pittsburgh artists every hour of every show.

You probably already know that we have some INCREDIBLY TALENTED musicians right here in Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, not enough people know. WYEP and Rollin and Tumblin are proud to be a part of the first ever Love Pittsburgh Music Month in July!

Love Pittsburgh Music is a grass roots, community effort to increase the audience for Pittsburgh musicians. The great part is everyone, musician, music fan, venue owners and other industry members are all encouraged to take part.

Each week in July on Rollin and Tumblin we’ll feature a Pittsburgh Blues artist to give you a deeper look into the local blues scene and fill you in on where you can catch a live show or two.

Next week we’ll announce who the Rollin and Tumblin feature artist will be on July 6th as WYEP celebrates Love Pittsburgh Music Month.


To learn more about Love Pittsburgh Music Month and how to participate, click the link below: