Key Tracks : The Avett Brothers

Below are the 5 key tracks that you need to know from Avett Bothers.




  • Song: "The Once and Future Carpenter"

  • Album: The Carpenter
  • Year: 2012



  • Song: "Live and Die"

  • Album: The Carpenter
  • Year: 2012



  • Song: "Winter Warm Up Wednesday"

  • Album: No Track Today
  • Year: 2018
  • Comment: Watch The "May It Last" new Avett Brothers Documentary !



  • Song: "True Sadness"

  • Album: True Sadness
  • Year: 2016



  • Song: "I and Love and You"

  • Album: I and Love and You
  • Year: 2009



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Avett Brothers


Key Tracks
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