January 2018

Below are the 5 key tracks that you need to know from The Thrills.




  • Song: ""

  • Album:
  • Year:
  • Comment: New Years Day (no Key Tracks)



  • Song: "One Horse Town"

  • Album: So Much For The City
  • Year: 2003



  • Song: "Our Wasted Lives"

  • Album: Let's Bottle Bohemia
  • Year: 2004



  • Song: "Big Sur"

  • Album: So Much For The City
  • Year: 2003



  • Song: "Not For All the Love in the World"

  • Album: Let's Bottle Bohemia
  • Year: 2004



Catch Key Tracks every weekday during the Midday Mix at 1 PM on 91.3 WYEP.



The Thrills


Key Tracks

Due to legal restrictions, much of WYEP's on-demand audio content will be available for a two-week window only. This will include most guest DJ sets, hour-long artist tributes, and other types of audio specials. 

This means that if you see a great new guest DJ set posted to our website or you missed our fabulous Year in Review or Departures show (which paid tribute to those musicians who died in 2017), don't put off checking it out! You'll need to listen sooner rather than later. We'll indicate in the text accompanying the audio the date until when the material will be available. 

For now, most of our Live & Direct Sessions, the Local 913 segments, and The Local 913 Live performances will not be affected by this limitation. 

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