November 2017

Below are the 5 key tracks that you need to know from Morcheeba.




  • Song: "Rome Wasn't Built In A Day"

  • Album: Fragments of Freedom
  • Year: 2000



  • Song: "Part Of The Process"

  • Album: Big Calm
  • Year: 1998



  • Song: "Wonders Never Cease"

  • Album: The Antidote
  • Year: 2005



  • Song: "Let Me See"

  • Album: Big Calm
  • Year: 1998



  • Song: "Trigger Hippie"

  • Album: Who Can You Trust?
  • Year: 1995
  • Comment: First Single



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Below are the 5 key tracks that you need to know from David Byrne.




  • Song: "Don't Fence Me In"

  • Album: Red Hot + Blue
  • Year: 1990
  • Comment: Released on the Red Hot + Blue compilation, this song was written for an unproduced Western musical. The song has been covered by (among others): Bing Crosby, Ella Fitzgerald, and The Killers.



  • Song: "Neighborhood"

  • Album: Look Into the Eyeball
  • Year: 2001



  • Song: "Life Is Long"

  • Album: Everything That Happens Will Happen Today
  • Year: 2008
  • Comment: The second collaboration between Eno and Byrne, 'Everything That Happens Will Happen Today" fuses gospel harmonies with modern styles of production.



  • Song: "Like Humans Do"

  • Album: Look Into the Eyeball
  • Year: 2001
  • Comment: This track was used by Microsoft to demo the Windows Media Player, a new program in Windows XP.



  • Song: "Angels"

  • Album: David Byrne
  • Year: 1994
  • Comment: "Angels" was the lead single off of Byrne's 1994 self-titled album.



Catch Key Tracks every weekday during the Midday Mix at 1 PM on 91.3 WYEP.


Below are the 5 key tracks that you need to know from Real Estate.




  • Song: "Stained Glass"

  • Album: In Mind
  • Year: 2017



  • Song: "It's Real"

  • Album: Days
  • Year: 2011



  • Song: "Talking Backwards"

  • Album: Atlas
  • Year: 2014



  • Song: "Green Aisles"

  • Album: Days
  • Year: 2011



  • Song: "Darling"

  • Album: In Mind
  • Year: 2017



Catch Key Tracks every weekday during the Midday Mix at 1 PM on 91.3 WYEP.


Dear friends and supporters of 91.3 WYEP:

You may have seen news over the past week that WYEP is collaborating with the City of Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership on a project intended to support and bolster Pittsburgh’s music ecosystem. I wanted to share some detail on the project with you, and then explain why we believe this is so important to our community.

The goal of our project is simple:  to make Pittsburgh a city that better embraces music and musicians by   identifying the things that get in the way.  Our initiative will examine all the regulations, policies and guidelines surrounding live music in the city. We will be working with an experienced consultant, digging into everything from sound ordinances and complaint mediation to zoning and permitting…and we will also create an inventory of the music ecosystem in Pittsburgh and seek to attract the kinds of businesses necessary for musicians and venues to be sustainable. Artists, venue owners, music businesses, educational institutions and residents will all have a chance to add to the conversation, and together we will create a music ecosystem that supports the diverse and amazing music scene we have now and that we want to have in the future.

Pittsburgh is in the midst of a great resurgence, from our growing tech sector to our thriving restaurant scene. With this resurgence comes national accolades for all the wonderful amenities that Pittsburgh has to offer and I believe wholeheartedly that the original music being made here can and should be recognized as one of our great strengths. Pittsburgh’s local music scene is filled with diverse and amazing talent. There is a rich and iconic music history in Pittsburgh that we can celebrate. There are interesting spaces in our unique neighborhoods that add to the quality of life in our communities. There is an economic advantage to presenting live music that can lead to financial sustainability for venues, artists and businesses. Now is the time to set the foundation so that Pittsburgh musicians can do what they do best and we can all be proud of them when they make national headlines.

As a local institution with a mission to enrich the community through music, WYEP brings people together to experience music in any number of ways. We help connect people to artists and artists to audiences. As a local nonprofit that serves the entire region and is committed to music discovery, WYEP can facilitate conversations that will lead to systemic change, allowing this music scene to thrive. This is an exciting time to be a music lover and I thank you for supporting all our efforts here at 91.3 WYEP.  


Abby Goldstein

WYEP General Manager