February 2011

A while ago we received a record called Daptone Gold, a compilation album featuring the best unreleased tracks from artists on the Daptone Label. Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings are likely the most famous on the bill, but through this album I got to know other hidden gems like The Budos Band and Charles Bradley. On my overnight show on Monday, I played "The World Is Going Up In Flames," the first song from Charles Bradley's No Time For Dreaming and it completely blew me away. Like SJ&TDK, Bradley makes pitch-perfect soul from the 1960s that's so genuine that it's hard to resist. Take a look at the video:
No Time For Dreaming dropped last month and you can get it here. "ThIs World Is Going Up In Flames" is the first single, but "I Believe In Your Love" is another highlight. For fans of Sharon Jones or any throwback 1960s soul, Charles Bradley is well-worth checking out.
Saturday we docked at Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas during the day, before our final night of music. While Mr. Barb was photographing the sunset as we headed toward Miami, I went to the final show by WPA, which was also the last show on the pool deck.  During the set, a birthday cake was brought up for WPA’s bassist Sebastian Steinberg.  Sean Watkins of WPA also celebrated his birthday on board.  Dan Wilson (Semisonic) played keyboards and got to sing “Free Life” again – a song that I could not get out of my head the next day, every time I heard it.  Glen Phillips wanted to give us all a group hug; saying that the songwriters cruise is also very special and a highlight every year for the performers as well – they look forward to the cruise as much as we do.  I finally got to see almost a full show by Tyrone Wells.  He brought his wife Alina up on stage to sing the first song they wrote together.  Apparently Mr. Wells has been confused for Tim and Phil Hanseroth (the twins with Brandi Carlile) at times, so he brought them both up on stage to sing a song.  Mr. Barb went to see the Steep Canyon Rangers again.  Brandi Carlile and Colin Hay were guests with the Steep Canyon Rangers.  I met Dave at the final performance by Larkin Poe.  They again ended with a cover version of Jimi Hendrix and just seemed delighted to be on board this cruise .  We decided to keep our seats and hang out for Chuck Cannon.  All week we had never been able to get a seat at one of his shows.  Mr. Cannon was joined on stage by Shawn Mullins on 3 songs, including their new gospel song about giving God the Blues and the sing-a-long song of the cruise “Light You Up”.  Mr. Cannon was having a good time on the final night; perhaps fueled in part by all the free drinks people were buying for him and his great personality.  The final concert of the cruise was hosted in the atrium by Enter the Haggis.  Special guests included Ellis Paul, Colin Hay, Larkin Poe and the guitarist for Shawn Mullins, Davis Causey.  The music shut down after 1 a.m., although I don’t think any of us wanted to go back to our cabins.  We had a few more encounters with performers.  Colin Hay said he was looking forward to playing in Pittsburgh in April, as they’ve been trying to book a date here.  I was able to tell Will Hoge how much I enjoyed his show.  He’s very much a southern gentleman (from Nashville, TN); as he extended his hand and introduced himself as Will and then asked me my name.  I think 2011 will be a banner year for new music as it seems almost every act on the cruise was working on a CD.  We loved hearing all the new music they shared with us (we’re a good listening type audience).  This journey through song exceeded our expectations with all the (new) music, the introduction (to us) of new artists, the musical collaborations, the impromptu jam sessions and the interactions with the performers.  The songwriters all seemed to love the community of music that has been formed and we’re all drawn in to the music.  We’re ready to sail again, for year 5, in 2012 Barb S. - Sunday Mix Host
Friday was a day at sea; warm, windy with some rough seas as we continued our journey to Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas. Another day of music beginning on the Pool Deck. Mr. Barb took in Colin Hay’s show. Members of the Steep Canyon Rangers joined Mr. Hay for some bluegrass versions of Men at Work songs. I’m sorry I missed that. I choose to attend the Songwriters in the Round hosted by Patty Griffin. She was joined by her friends Buddy Miller, Scott Miller, Dar Williams and Allison Moorer. Each songwriter performed three songs of their choosing. Ms. Griffin started things off with a rousing version of “Tear this Building Down” from  her newly Grammy award winning CD “Downtown Church”. Scott Miller was next and I forgot what a great sense of humor he has. He does not take anything seriously. He talked about confessing serious stuff and Ms. Williams admitted that she had a foot fetish. Her first song was “You’re Aging Well.” Ms. Moorer did the title track of her Buddy Miller produced “Mocking Bird” CD accompanied by Mr. Miller in the key of “B”. Mr. Miller performed a song he had hoped Mavis Staples would sing, calling this version of the song “Mavis 4”. We know it as “Shelter Me”. Griffith sang a song she wrote about a “real good guy” her father who passed away 1-1/2 years ago. The other Mr. Miller, Scott performed “Red Box Express”. After Mrs. Griffith heard a cassette of Ms. Williams, back in 1991, she was invited to open for her. Ms. Williams then sang “The Hudson”. Ms. Moorer confessed she liked “Sneaky Snake” by Tom T. Hall and began singing it. Buddy Miller did a song by Tom T. Hall noting he’s been to Mr. Hall’s house. Ms Griffith’s love song was written about her dog the absolutely gorgeous “Heavenly Day” (Ms. Griffith confessed that she really loves her dog.)  Mr. Scott Miller did a gospel song “Room on the Cross”. When Ms. Williams toured with Ms. Griffith and other women, in 2003, she said they were like “Charlie’s Angels” and she was Kate Jackson, the political one. She then did “The Holly Tree”. The songwriters then sang together a song from “Downtown Church”. We then both took in part of Keith Sewell’s (Lyle Lovett’s band) set on the pool deck. He was joined by his band, which included his wife and Sebastian Steinberg (WPA) was a guest on bass. We went in search of some ice cream. We just wanted to quickly finish our ice cream and get to see the rest of Mr. Sewell’s set. Mr. Sewell was performing contemporary bluegrass songs. As we were standing in the cafe, we heard a voice say “Ya’ll can have our table, we’re done” only to look over to see it was Shawn Mullins speaking to us. We told him we were fine standing, thanks. I asked him to sign my show ticket for his concert that evening, and he graciously obliged signing it “Barb, Thanks for cruising with us Shawn”. Not only a good storytelling songwriter, he’s a gentleman too. Another of those cruise moments that you can’t really experience anywhere else. We went off to see another few songs from Larkin Poe, before returning to the pool deck to see the Steep Canyon Rangers. Their special guest for two songs was Brandi Carlile. She even dressed for the part, putting on a tie (this group of guys even wears suits and ties while playing on the pool deck). After she sang her songs she walked by us, and fans were stopping Ms. Carlile for autographs and photos – obliging even those who were sitting in the hot tub. We began the evening of music with Kevn Kinney (Drivin’ and Cryin’). He is not only a talented story teller, but he’s a great poet too. The theme was tangled up in blue night for Bob Dylan, so Mr. Kinney read a poem he wrote about the word blue for the occasion. Like everything else he does it was very amusing. Apparently Todd Snider sends him a word a day and Mr. Kinney writes a poem to it. Mr. Kinney writes very creative lyrics and has a great sense of humor. Again we could not get into bar city to see Chuck Cannon perform, so we stood in the hallway. He had the audience in the palm of his hands, always asking people to buy his CD’s. He did a wonderful version of “Light You Up” a song he co-wrote with Shawn Mullins, which they debuted on last year’s cruise. Mr. Cannon hinted that he will be back next year. An added show was Luke Bulla and Sean Watkins teaming up for a bluegrass jam session. It was impromptu, but still sounded great. Mr. Bulla plays the fiddle with such mastery and Mr. Watkins is just amazing on the guitar. They make a great team and should record together. Tonight was our “hot seat” ticket, where we had front row to see Shawn Mullins in the main theater. Mr. Mullins started off with an acoustic version of the song he often ends his show with “Lullaby”. What followed was a 55 minute encore. Guests included the fiddler from Enter the Haggis, Brandi Carlile on “Beautiful Wreck” and Sarah Dugas (The Duhks) on “Light You Up”. Mr. Mullins is still playing coffeehouses, but I have no idea why with his talent at weaving a story into his songs that he is not playing larger theaters. Ms. Carlile opened for Mr. Mullins on the west coast. They ran out of Mr. Mullins CD’s a couple of days ago. He is a 4-time veteran of the cruise and can be considered the king to Brandi Carlile’s queen on-board. They did not clear the theater for the next show, Buddy Miller; so we had the inevitable position of front row center seats for his show as well. Mr. Miller had his veteran master of the accordion with him, Joel, along with a bassist and the drummer from North Mississippi Allstars as his band. They have only been together a few days, and Mr. Miller kept apologizing for the lack of rehearsal time. You would never know they hadn’t been playing together long, they had a very tight sound. Mr. Miller was joined for most of his set by a wonderfully talented backup singer, Patty Griffin. like almost everyone else on the cruise, Mr. Miller has a new CD coming out.  In fact it’s not due out for two weeks, but was available for purchase in the merch store on the ship.  Mr. Miller also mentioned that the North Mississippi Allstars had a new CD out too, and it’s just great. Tonight was the chocolate buffet, which we missed due to seeing Shawn Mullins and Buddy Miller back to back, but we were able to find a few pieces of chocolate goodies still left in the cafe. Before we turned in we listened to a bit of Roddie Romerro and the Hub City All-Stars. Saturday is the final day of the cruise, docked at a private island - Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas. The weather is perfect. This truly is paradise. The music begins tonight at 6 p.m. with WPA on the pool deck. Barb S, - Sunday Mix Host
Thursday was our 2nd port stop Frederiksted, St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. Perfect weather to tour this beautiful city.  Back on-board for another full night of music. We began the evening seeing Shawn Mullins.  He had Chuck Cannon join him on the Cannon penned song about Johnny Cash.  Dar Williams joined Mr. Mullins on “Beautiful Wreck”.  A highlight was “ House of the Rising Sun”.  We tried to catch a song by Tyrone Wells before going to our headliner show.  Tonight it was the Indigo Girls.  While Amy was dealing with some technical issues with her guitar, Emily answered a few questions from the crowd.  Their guitar tech was recovering from a stroke and she will be joining them in Australia.  Someone yelled out they would buy them lunch tomorrow and Amy said “didn’t they tell you that was free?”.  Lucy Wainwright Roche joined them, as well as Brandi Carlile.  The Indigo Girls will be recording a new album in Nashville in April and May.  Their harmonies are amazing, as was evidenced by their cover of Paul Simon’s It’s Allright”,.  They also debuted a new song that Emily had to use lyrics on a lyric stand for (the lyrics were in big print). We went to the last set that Ellis Pail was scheduled to perform, and he continued to say he was having such a great time and hoped to return.  We both caught a few songs by Allison Moorer.  She had her husband’s Steve Earle’s band as her band.  Mr. Barb went to see Larkin Poe again while I went to see the added “all request” show by Glen Phillips in the bar lounge.  Mr. Phillips,using Sean Watkin’s guitar,  took requests for his solo songs like “Fred Meyer” and “Darkest Hour” and Toad the Wet Sprocket’s,  “Walk on The Ocean” and closing with “All I Want”.  Sean Watkins played guitar for Mr. Phillips on one song and Jerry Roe (WPA drummer) helped Mr. Phillips out on the lyrics on one song.  Right before 10p, some of the crowd left to go to the headliner show and Mr. Phillips made a comment that he thought they were all just going for soft serve.  Mr. Phillips also has been revealing the secret where the “real” coffee was located in the Food Hose (aka, The Garden Cafe).  After his show, Mr. Phillips signed a couple of CD’s for me saying that he should know my name by now, as he’s asked me that “a thousand times.”  After a time change back to EST (another hour of sleep), Friday is a day at sea, with warm, windy conditions, with rough waves but smoother sailing ahead.  The music is set to begin at 1p on the pool deck and continue all day. Barb S. - Sunday Mix Host
Wednesday was a warm day (low 80’s, 80% humidity) at our first port stop Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin islands, with another full night of music on tap and even more musical choices to make. The music got underway at 6pm with Will Hoge on the pool deck.  Mr. Hoge, came out on stage alone to sing a couple of new songs, before bringing out his band.   It was so windy on the pool deck, that Mr. Hoge’s guitars fell over and got out of tune.  For the remainder of his set, someone stood by his guitars to keep them steady on stage.  Like many of the artists on board , Mr. Hoge is humbled to be in the presence of such greats such as John Prine.  For his last song, Mr. Hoge dedicated it to Kevn Kinney.  When Mr. Hoge was starting out 11 years ago, they opened a show for Drivin’ and Cryin.  They were only paid $75 by the promoter.  After the gig, Mr. Kinney opened his wallet and gave Mr. Hoge $200, knowing they probably did not get paid a lot to open.  Mr. Hoge appreciated that and has never forgotten the gesture and tries to “pay back” the favor when he can.  Mr. Barb went to take sunset photos at the same time as a member of  Enter the Haggis (they discussed cameras.).  Then Mr. Barb went to catch Ellis Paul and I joined him later in the atrium for the last part of that show.  Mr. Ellis  is going to have 8 songs in the forthcoming movie “Hall Pass”.  We then went to see the end of Colin Hay’s show.  He was joined by his wife on vocals and she also danced.  Mr. Hay was not feeling well, but seemed to be holding his own.  He even had the bartenders singing along to a Men at Work song.  Mr. Hay noted that he gave up drinking about 20 years ago.  We continued our musical journey with The Masterson’s (they are in Steve Earle’s band).  This was the only scheduled show for this husband and wife duo.  We went to see the Steep Canyon Rangers again.  They are quite impressive in their suits and old-time approach to bluegrass.  They are known as Steve Martin’s band, and really taking bluegrass to a new level; including writing new music (they also have a new CD coming out soon). This was followed by another set from WPA, who again had Dan Wilson (Semisonic) join them; he also performed “Free Life” again (I could not get that song out of my head all the next day).  Again Luke Bulla, Glen Phillips and Sean Watkins took turns on lead vocals.  To end the evening we caught a little of Kevn Kinney’s truck stop.  He had guests like Shawn Mullins, Will Hoge, Ellis Paul, Chuck Cannon  and The Mastersons join him.  I had one of those cruise moments, when we the elevator doors opened, and there stood Shawn Mullins with his guitarist Patrick Blanchard.  We said hello and I asked Mr. Mullins if he was able to get ashore (Mr. Mullins has commented the previous night he is usually up all night and doesn’t get up in time to get off the ship).  He did get off the ship and we compared our sun burns and then complimented him on his show.  He said to check him out again and we told him we certainly will.  Thursday was yet another warm day (low 80’s, 80% humidity) at our 2nd port stop St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, with another full night of music. Barb S. - SundayMix Host
Tuesday was another warm, humid and breezy day at sea on our journey through song. The music got underway at 1pm with Sam and Ruby on the pool deck. They have wonderful harmonies. In the atrium we got our 4-timer alumni group photo taken. There are 184 of us on-board and we make up 9% of the cruisers this year. Glen Phillips, on a borrowed acoustic guitar from Luke Bulla, did a set in the Bliss Lounge (aka, the bowling alley). Mr. Phillips went on his usual tangents for an hour (it is quiet endearing), in between songs from his solo work and with Toad the Wet Sprocket (including the very the appropriate “Walk on the Ocean”) He also did a song he co-wrote with Dan Wilson and had us singing harmonies and backing vocals without much rehearsal on a few others. Mr. Phillips ended with a Paul Simon song “It’s Allright”. We may get to see a new CD of unreleased songs from Mr. Phillips, if the airline ever gets their luggage to this ship. There’s an added “All Request” show with Mr. Phillips in the atrium later this week. I joined Mr. Barb on the pool deck as he was watching Larkin Poe perform. They ended their show again with a Jimi Hendrix song. They have a boxed set of 4-EP’s based on each season (Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall) which they have been playing songs from. I went to see Will Hoge on the pool deck. He promises that all his shows on board will be different. He works very hard at his craft and like many of the other songwriters on-board seemed humbled to be in the presence of so many talented singer-songwriters. Mr. Hoge is in the process of working on a new album and even brought the hard drive on board to work on the album. He also shared a couple of brand new songs with us. Our headliner show tonight was Brandi Carlile. One of her special guests was Emily Saliers (Indigo Girls) and a couple of other session musicians on board. Ms. Carlile road tested a couple of brand new songs (she’s going into the studio February 28th), including a performance debut of a song called “Bird on a Wire”. We liked the new material very much. The floating music festival atmosphere on this cruise lends itself to artists trying out new material. She’s really gained alot of confidence since the 1st cruise with her stage presence and material. She performed “The Story” and a wonderful version of “Caroline”. We went early to get a seat to see Shawn Mullin’s and so got to see his sound check. Mr. Mullins looked out at all of us sitting there and said “Y’all aren’t supposed to be here. (pause). But I’m kind of glad you’re here”. He added we’re not supposed to see all their mistakes and that it was like a magician practicing all his tricks. Another great performance by Shawn Mullins, which included Chuck Cannon as a guest. They co-wrote a song that will be on a new gospel album that will include Emmylou Harris and the Carolina Chocolate Drops. It’s about giving God the blues. This is probably my favorite show so far this week as it had a lot of energy, with an appreciative audience. We all sang along again on “Light You Up”. They moved the Loudon Wainwright show to a larger venue, due to demand. We opted to see Dan Wilson’s solo set in the bar lounge. Mr. Wilson recorded his first solo album “Free Life” with about 30 friends; 2 of who joined him on stage, Ruby (Sam and Ruby) and Sean Watkins (WPA, Nickel Creek). He performed some new music from a CD that he just finished, as well as tracks from “Free Life”, ending the show with the title track. We ended the evening in the atrium bopping along to the music of Roddie Romero and the Hub City All-Stars. I had the chance to talk with Glen Phillips prior to his solo set, as he was walking by on the pool deck eating an orange. He said he was just trying to wake up. We also chatted with Ellis Paul, who told us that if we have the chance to vote, he’d definitely like to come back next year (yes, we can certainly can oblige!). Mr. Barb requested one of Mr. Paul’s older songs (“She Loves a Girl”) and Mr. Paul commented that it was from 13 years ago and he’d have to work that up (maybe we will see it in a future set?). We also keep meeting people from Pittsburgh. PA has 109 people on this cruise, with only states like CA, TX and FL having more cruisers. Wednesday is a warm day (low 80’s, 80% humidity) It’s our first port stop Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin islands, with another full night of music on tap and even more musical choices to make. Barb S - Sunday Mix host

Every Wednesday at 9:13 am, one of Pittsburgh's finest music writers joins me (Cindy Howes) on the Morning Mix to play a couple favorite new songs and share some insight. Today we welcome Justin Jacobs, contributing writer to Billboard Magazine and Pittsburgh's City Paper In case you missed it here's what he played (plus two bonus songs): Guards, "Resolution of One" - This mysterious band has no website or MySpace (which means, in 2011, you may as well have extremely low ambitions for your music being heard), but makes up for it by making great music — lo-fi, stomping garage rock with monstrous choruses. Guards is made of the singer of The Willowz along with some friends from MGMT and Chairlift. Mix them together and send 'em back to 1965, and you've got "Resolution of One." Lykke Li, "I Follow Rivers" - Her parents know her as Li Lykke Timotej Zachrisson, but we know this Swedish temptress by her coy, sexual lyrics (remember "For you I keep my legs apart" from her 2008 song "Little Bit"? Of course you do) and darkly romantic pop music. I think this new tune, from her upcoming second album "Wounded Rhymes," is easily her best ever. Can't wait for this record. U.S. Royalty, "Equestrian" - This band does their schtick logically, taking three bands that everyone loves and combining them in equal portions. Fleet Foxes, the Black Keys and Local Natives all show up in "Equestrian." Thought that might sound contrived, it's a great, lofty and harmonized tune. Jonquil, "It Never Rains" - Tropical pop to dance your butt off. Totally cheesy, but totally fun. Look this band up for your next party.
Red and white streamers with heart shaped decorations and signs reminded us it was Valentine’s Day even though we’re on a cruise ship at sea. The music got underway at 1pm with Steep Canyon Rangers on a sunny warm (mid 70’s) and very windy pool deck. Dressed in neatly tailored suits, they played the old time bluegrass, new compositions; while at times gathering around one microphone to sing in the old style. Kevn Kinney told very interesting stories in a conversationalist style. He commented that he wasn’t used to playing a show so early (2:30 p.m.) to an audience that was so intently listening. Enter the Haggis provided Celtic music that included bag pipes and a multi-instrumentalist who could play the keyboards and violin and really kept things moving on the pool deck. I attended a taping of a World Cafe episode that will feature Will Hoge and Scott Miller. (no spoilers, but the show was being taped on Valentine’s Day, so that was a theme) Host David Dye asked the songwriters to play four songs: their favorite song that they wrote early on, a current favorite they wrote, a cover song and a song that they can’t leave out of their shows. At the end, Mr. Hoge & Mr. Miller collaborated on a song. Mr. Dye said the episodes taped on board will probably air on World Cafe in April. We also heard a couple more songs by Tyrone Wells on the pool deck. Tonight was our first headliner, Steve Earle. He brought his new band, which also included his wife Allison Moorer on keyboards, guitar and backing vocals. Ms. Moorer will also play solo shows and tape an episode of World Cafe with Dar Williams. Mr. Earle welcomed us to his vacation and started the show with “Copperhead Road”, adding in a song about Valentine’s Day. He did an extended version of “City of Immigrants” and included a song that he wrote with his wife Ms. Moorer, adding, so they could sing it together on stage. The set really rocked. Mr. Earle has a CD coming out in April (produced by T. Bone Burnett) and will be touring to support it. We had to wait in line to attend the SRO performance of Dar Williams (we had heard it was packed earlier in this venue for Loudon Wainwright and a future show has been moved to a larger venue). Ms. Williams enjoyed sharing her songs with an appreciative audience and ended her set with “Pagans and Christians”. Mr. Barb caught a couple of songs by Jim Bianco. Ellis Paul performed his first set on-board with a band that included a guitar, keyboard and accordion. Mr. Paul seemed to enjoy his first journey through song. Had us singing “nah nah’s”. He began with “Rose Tattoo” and even did a Christmas song about armadillos in TX. We went to catch the ending of Chuck Cannon’s show, thinking we would be able to call it an early night. Little did we know that Mr. Cannon did not want to turn in early. Mr. Cannon unplugged his guitar and like a piped piper invited all of us to follow him upstairs to the atrium to crash the jam session. We dutifully followed and we were all treated to impromptu performances from Shawn Mullins with his band. Imagine an atrium full of people and more people up above on the next deck looking over and singing along on an extended jam of “Light You Up” (we all knew the words). “Will It Go Round in Circles” was the next jam. Brother and sister duo from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Sarah and Christian Dugas (The Duhks) came up to sing “Superstition”, along with Roddie Romero. And the music continued long after that. We got to chat briefly with Kevn Kinney and Luke Bulla (WPA) to tell them we enjoyed their performances and music. We also had the opportunity to talk to a couple of WYEP listener members who are on-board. Tuesday is bringing us another warm, humid and breezy day of music at sea. Barb S. Sunday Mix Host

WYEP Presents Dr. Dog // Thurs. 2/17 @ Mr. Smalls Theater - 9pm

Words by Justin Jacobs: For longtime fans, to track the growth of Philadelphia band Dr. Dog — from its humble beginnings around 1999 to one of indie rock's most revered bands today — is a lot like watching your child grow up. Ok, ok, that might be a bit hyperbolic. But follow me here. For Dr. Dog's first few albums, the band created extremely lo-fi folk rock that was equal parts catchy and silly, like a kid saying his first words. There was even a song on second album Toothbrush called "Say Ahhh." Dr. Dog's next few records, We All Belong and Fate, showed serious growth, like an adolescent band, realizing its strengths and weaknesses, sounding smarter and more self-assured. And with last year's breakthrough album Shame, Shame, Dr. Dog finally reached adulthood — the album cast aside completely the lo-fi whispers of the band's childhood in favor of a clean and professional, but still inspiring sound. Now, a trajectory like this often brings out calls of "Sell out!" for indie rock bands, but not so with Dr. Dog. While the band's actual recordings have changed shape, these Philly boys have maintained the core of their music — idiosyncratic doo-wop harmonies, lyrics filled with child-like wonder and adult ruminations on love and death, melodies hummable for days. And the best part? You get to see Dr. Dog this Thursday, when the band stops at Mr. Smalls. The show's at 9 p.m. See you there!

WYEP Presents Dr. Dog // Thurs. 2/17 @ Mr. Smalls Theater - 9pm

Our 4th journey though song began as we sailed away from the port of Miami. Appropriately w/ 4-time cruise veteran Shawn Mullins kicking things off this week of music on the pool deck. He brought a band, including veteran Davis Causey (Sea Level). Brandi Carlile joined Mr. Mullins on “Beautiful Wreck”. This was followed by a group photo. The Grammy nominated Roddie Romero and the Hub City All-Stars performed on the Pool Deck next providing their danceable New Orleans tinged Cajun roots and rhythm mix of music. We spent the rest of the evening going between venues to catch a little bit of a few acts. Our first discovery of the cruise was Tyrone Wells. Amazing voice, songwriting and engaging personality; someone we were not familiar with and he can now count us as fans. He’s based in CA. I went afterwards to the merch store to buy his CD’s, have them signed and snap a photo with him (he plans to be in Pittsburgh in the fall). We listened to part of Chuck Cannon’s show while standing in a bowling alley. We could not see him, but very much enjoyed his storytelling and listening to his music. Mr. Cannon’s songs have been covered by many other artists, and he’s very modest about his accomplishments. Next we enjoyed the last few songs by David Ryan Harris (he’s in John Mayer’s band). Another great voice and talent. Larkin Poe are sisters who took their name after a family member. Call it contemporary bluegrass with the sisters on mandolin and dobro and lap steel. Not too many young performers can cover Don Williams and Jimi Hendrix in one set. We wrapped up our first evening with the latest incarnation of WPA. The Glen Phillips fronted “supergroup” whose members seem to be interchangeable. Very happy to see Luke Bulla (Lyle Lovett) back on board along with Sean Watkins (Nickel Creek). Sebastian Steinberg (Soul Coughing) was on bass with Jerry Poe on drums. Each member took their turn singing their songs, including “Always Have My Love” to end their set. There was even some new WPA music played. They have a 4 song EP available. This 4X4 WPA includes Phillips, Steinberg, Poe & Watkins. Mr. Phillips was his usual irreverent self, going from topics such as Jewish Pirates, Brandi Carlile, Seattle, alumni cruisers and some tips on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day (you had to be there). Mid-set they were joined on stage by Dan Wilson (Semisonic) who performed “Free Love” and another song about love. Mr. Wilson will also do a solo set this week. We celebrated Valentine’s Day early with a late night/early morning snack outside, on the back deck of the restaurant. They were putting up Valentine’s Day decorations. We’re sailing into Atlantic Time and really do miss that hour of sleep. Barb S. - Sunday Mix Host