September 2009

Let Freedom Ring! is the name of the new Chuck Prophet release. Chuck's been making great rock and roll for a long time and decided to record the new release in Mexico City. Chuck explains a few of the reasons for recording in Mexico in this new trailer.
Today the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced this year's nominees for the 2010 inductions. They are: ABBA, The Chantels, Jimmy Cliff, Genesis, The Hollies, KISS, LL Cool J, Darlene Love, Laura Nyro, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Stooges and Donna Summer. This is the first year that LL Cool J and the Red Hot Chili Peppers have been nominated, as per Rock Hall rules, artists must have released their first single or album at least 25 years prior to the year of nomination. These nominees will be narrowed down to five that will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this March in New York City. (Trivia note: This is the 6th time the Stooges have been nominated)
If you sign up for The Low Anthem's email list, they will send you a cover they recently recorded of Bob Dylan's "Dignity". Here's the link
Meeting of Important People have been winning over new fans since the release of their debut cd earlier this year. The Pittsburgh band put on an excellent performance at this June's WYEP Summer Music Fest at Schenley Plaza and continue to play to growing crowds. If you haven't heard them check out their well done cardboard video for their song "Brittney Lane Don't Care"
You can check out the newest episode of You Gotta Hear This featuring the New Zealand musician, Ladyhawke. She's gotten tons of praise for her self-titled debut album, released last year. Filled with catchy dance inspiring hits like "Magic" and "Paris is Burning", you'll be up and bouncing around to Ladyhawke on first listen. For more information, check out the YGHT podcast at the On-Demand Audio section
The number "9" was a favorite of John Lennon's (n.b., "Revolution 9," "#9 Dream"), so it's quite fitting that The Beatles' record company is releasing the first major updating of The Beatles' CD catalogue since the discs were first released twenty years ago on 09-09-09, or this Wednesday, September 9th. Box sets with the entire band's original recorded output in stereo and another one in mono are coming out that day, each painstakingly remastered with technology not available when the CDs first hit the ears of Fab Four fans in the late 1980s. To give you a sampler platter of these reissues, WYEP will play one song from the stereo remasters each hour from 6am to 6pm on Wednesday. We'll select a dozen of the most interesting songs with updated sonics and let you taste for yourself. Meanwhile, here's a review of the reissues. (Here's a more audiophile-oriented review.) The remasters are coming out in conjunction with the Rock Band video game with a Beatles theme.
This is the 2nd installment of the collaborative outfit/band put together by Neil Finn. The last release was a live recording back in 2001 that featured Ed O'Brien (Radiohead), Lisa Germano, and Johnny Marr. This time around Neil Finn took his friends into the studio and included Jeff Tweedy, KT Tunstall, and Phil Selway. In total, 20 different musicians contributed to the double album by 7 Worlds Collide titled The Sun Came Out. The project benefits Oxfam. This video features KT Tunstall on the track Hazel Black
Saturday, September the 12th is the date for WYEP's annual Rock The Block event at Bedford Square. Local opener Lohio get's the music started and this year headlining is the Syracuse, NY band Ra Ra Riot. Check our Ra Ra Riot's video for 'Can You Tell'