June 2009

Thanks to all that attended this year's 12th Annual WYEP Summer Music Festival at Schenley Plaza on Friday, June 26th.  The crowd was out early for great sets from Meeting of Important People, The Duhks, Dar Williams, and The Sam Roberts Band. Meeting of Important People The Duhks Dar Williams Sam Roberts Band It turned out to be a beautiful summer night for outdoor music. Thanks to all that attended ! A big Thank you goes out to all the bands and our WYEP volunteers that helped to make this years event a very special one.
A few memories and notes:

  1. The Jackson 5, "the Love You Save"

  2. Michael Jackson, "Leave Me Alone"
    can't embed this video; click through to watch

  3. Ben Gibbard (of Death Cab for Cutie) covering "Thriller" live:

    4. The "Jackson 5ive" cartoon:

Recently Beck got together a bunch of friends to record an entire album in a day. Not a new album, but a song-by-song tribute to an album of the past. Calling the project "Record Club," Beck worked with his ad hoc group to cover The Velvet Underground & Nico. The ensemble included Beck, Nigel Godrich, Joey Waronker, Brian Lebarton, Bram Inscore, Yo, Giovanni Ribisi, Chris Holmes, and Thorunn Magnusdottir. Here's one of the fruits of their labor:

The fans were singing, clapping and dancing along to their favorite Indigo Girls songs Sunday night.  They were more than receptive to the songs from their new album “Poseidon and the Bitter Bug” – which was good, since Amy Ray and Emily Saliers performed almost all of the tracks from their new disc (just released in March).  Amy and Emily started off the show with two new songs and interspersed the new material with the older more familiar tunes during a solid 90 minute plus set, and a two song encore.  Nearly two dozen songs, with the new material seamlessly intertwined among the fan favorites.  Included were some of the songs that you can find on WYEP’s 913 Essential Songs Countdown: “Power of Two”, “Galileo” (final song of the evening) and the #1 essential song “Closer to Fine” which brought David Ryan Harris back up on stage to join the Indigo Girls on a verse or two.  Amy shined solo on “Romeo & Juliet”.  Julie Wolf accompanied the Indigo Girls on stage playing electric keyboards and accordion and providing backing vocals.

Over the years, The Indigo Girls have made lot of friends in the music business; many of whom have said Amy & Emily have influenced them in their own careers.  Opening the show this evening was one of their friends (originally from Atlanta), singer-songwriter David Ryan Harris (DRH).  DRH sat in a metal folding chair while playing his guitar.  Most musicians I’ve seen prefer to stand.  The crowd was still filing in, but when DRH started doing an extended falsetto during his opening song “If I Had a Dime” he immediately captured the audience.  During his tune “Pretty Girl”, DRH weaved snippets of songs by the likes of Prince and John Mayer among others into the mix.  DRH played nearly a 50-minute set, with 8 songs (including a cover of “Uptight”).

Barb S. - Sunday Mix Host

We've had a lot of positive reaction to K'Naan's new song 'Wavin Flag' on WYEP.  From K'Naan's wikipedia page I discovered he was born in Mogadishu, Somalia and spent his childhood in the district of Wardhiigleey ("The River of Blood") and lived there during the Somali Civil War.  His aunt, Magool, was one of Somalia's most famous singers. His 2nd effort called 'Troubadour' is being well received by critics and music fans. His music falls somewhere between reggae, hip hop, and r&b. There's definitely a positive feel and message to his lyrics and music. According to K'naan, he makes "urgent music with a message", talking about the situation in his homeland of Somalia and calling for an end to violence and bloodshed. He curently lives in Canada. Something to check out.

Singer-Songwriter Ari Hest  opened for The Clarks June 13th.  Hest brought his band, performing for nearly an hour, just a few days prior to his 30th birthday (June 16th).  Hest mentioned he would be back in Pittsburgh this fall.  This interview was conducted prior to that concert.

Barb WYEP's Sunday Mix Host (WYEP):  Hi Ari!  Thanks for taking the time to respond to some questions via email for the WYEP Music Blog!

Ari Hest (AH):  My pleasure Barb, thank you!

WYEP:  You were in Pittsburgh in March at Club Café, out on the road promoting your newly self released CD “Twelve Mondays”.  How did the tour go?  Have you reached a comfort level yet with the songs?

AH:  The tour was one of the best I've had in a long time. I hadn't been out with a band in a couple of years. I almost forgot how much fun that can be. The long drives from city to city don't seem as long when you're in the right environment. My only regret is that we didn't stay out longer. I think musically we were getting better and better with each show and unfortunately it had to end right when things were really going well. The crowds were great and I was pleasantly surprised at their knowledge of songs from 52, some of which i hadn't played live before we left.

WYEP:   Please tell us more about the ‘52’ Project that you embarked on during 2008 which led up to the recording of “Twelve Mondays”.  It was quite an ambitious project to write, record, produce and release one new song per week, for 52 weeks in a row and have your fans vote for those that would end up on “Twelve Mondays”.

AH: After leaving Columbia Records I knew I had to do something unique to stick out among the droves of singer/songwriters out there. I've always written a lot of music in my career but was never able to release it as quickly as i would've liked. An album every two years just didn't work for me. When i came up with the idea, i realized it was gonna be very difficult, but something about the challenge appealed to me. So for every monday of 2008, I recorded a new song and released in to subscribers to 52. For $20, anyone was able to get access to these songs as well as comment on them on the website built by my management. Earlier this year the subscribers voted on their favorite 12 songs and those songs appeared on "Twelve Mondays" remixed and, in some cases, re-recorded.

WYEP:  You wanted artistic control over your music, so do you have a new sense of freedom now?  Will you continue to self-release future recordings?

AH:  Definitely. I love the control as I am a control freak. As far as future recordings go, i'm open to seeing what's out there, but right now this system works for me and i have no intention of changing it up.

WYEP:You were on the inaugural Cayamo songwriters cruise in 2008, any chance you will return as a performer in 2010?

AH:  I really hope so. I had such a great time in 2008 and was bummed to miss last year's trip. What a great idea that boat is. It's the perfect vacation for music lovers. I wish it were up to me but I know the powers that be want to give some other musicians a chance to play as well, so we'll see.

WYEP:  Your next record is being produced by Alex Wong, who co-produced and arranged Vienna Teng’s most recent release “ Inland Territory ”.  When can we expect to hear some tracks from this effort?  Also how do you have anything left to write about after the ‘52’ Project?  You will also be doing some shows with Vienna Teng this summer, will this open up the chance for some collaboration on stage?

AH:  The time schedule has not been worked out yet but all i can say is I am truly excited and challenged to be working with such a talented musician as Alex. Vienna and I had our first show together last week and sang a bit on each other's material which was a treat. She's also a tremendous musician that I'm honored to play with each time.

WYEP:  The Amphitheatre at Station Square is situated along the Mon River and some railroad tracks. Well, sometimes trains go by during a performance. Do you have any songs to sing about trains?

AH:  "Dead End Driving"? "Ride The Brake"? Not exactly train songs but some of the lyrics fit. "The Weight" has a train beat, so hopefully the train will come by while we're playing that one.

WYEP:  I’ve always wanted to ask a singer-songwriter what it was like to record someone else’s song, especially when it was a hit for the other artist.  You do this amazing version of Fleetwood Mac’s “Little Lies “ on “The Green Room Sessions EP”. How did you choose that particular song to cover?  It really suits your style.

AH:  I didn't plan on it. I happened to hear "Little Lies" earlier that day on the radio and thought it might sound cool given a darker musical mood. It also happened to be around the time I began to do some home recording. Fleetwood Mac is a big influence. I learned to play guitar right around the time "The Dance" came out and it got me to listen to a lot of their previous albums. Incredible songwriters.

WYEP: Thanks for your time!

AH:  You got it Barb, thank you again!

Ari Hest belting out his last song 06.13.09 at The Ampitheatre at Station Square:

ari hest

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Barb S. - Sunday Mix Host

Earl Bayer and his daughter Rachel were the recent winners in the WYEP online Coldplay photo op sweepstakes. They had access to the photo pit for the first few songs and took some great photos of the concert at the Post Gazette Pavillion.  Check out the entire set http://www.flickr.com/groups/[email protected]/

Live Broadcast

WYEP's Mike Sauter and Brian Siewiorek once again were broadcasting live from the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Manchester, TN! Below is an archive of Mike and Brian's updates from the scene. To see WYEP's Bonnaroo 2009 photo set, go here.

Bonnaroo 2009 Day One Updates:

Mike: Bonnaroo is officially underway! Local TN country rocker Charlie Allen is up 1st, beginning moments ago... [4:49 PM, Thu, 6/11] Mike: Up and coming indie rockers Alberta Cross, a New York based group from the UK, is blasting on one of the medium-sized stages right now. [5:51 PM, Thu, 6/11] Brian: Check out updated photos from Bonnaroo on our flickr feed at wyep.org [6:15 PM, Thu, 6/11] Mike: The NYC 6-piece indie rock band White Rabbits is now on stage. [7:07 PM, Thu, 6/11] Mike: Well, some thunder and lightning have put a damper on some of the festivities. Talk to you tomorrow on air! [9:57 PM, Thu, 6/11] Brian: Currently in a thunderstorm and pouring rain! [10:16 PM, Thu, 6/11] Brian: Catching the late show by Passion Pit. My first (and only) band of the day! [11:32 PM, Thu, 6/11]

Bonnaroo 2009 Day Two Updates:

Mike: It's nice & sunny here at Bonnaroo but everything is crusted with mud. More rain in today's forecast, too. 1st band starts at 1p PGH time. [7:41 AM, Fri, 6/12] Brian: Getting ready for the live broadcast at 10am... [8:40 AM, Fri, 6/12] Mike: We're broadcasting live on air and at www.wyep.org until 2p ET. More live updates here after then! [10:12 AM, Fri, 6/12] Brian: Today's full of good stuff! David Byrne, Al Green, Lucinda Williams, TV on the Radio, Animal Collective, Phoenix and Public Enemy! [10:46 AM, Fri, 6/12] Brian: The sun is out! For how long? Nobody knows! [11:41 AM, Fri, 6/12] Mike: Gomez is on stage, right now playing See the World. [1:09 PM, Fri, 6/12] Brian: Catching the last bit of Gomez on the "which" stage. Why didn't I go see these guys in Pittsburgh last week? [1:15 PM, Fri, 6/12] Brian: The lead singer of the Dirty Projectors just said, "its amazing to be here!" What I like about Bonnaroo is that the bands love it as mu ... [1:43 PM, Fri, 6/12] Mike: Malian guitarist Vieux Farke Toure just began his set here at Bonnaroo. [2:07 PM, Fri, 6/12] Brian: David Byrne just joined the Dirty Projectors on stage for a song! [2:19 PM, Fri, 6/12] Mike: Patterson Hond, of the Drive-By Truckers, is doing a set on one of the small stages. [2:30 PM, Fri, 6/12] Brian: I've seen Animal Collective been both really good and really bad in the past. About to see what they bring to Bonnaroo. [2:36 PM, Fri, 6/12] Mike: Grace Potter just took the stage, getting the crowd clapping along from the word go. [3:19 PM, Fri, 6/12] Mike: Grace Potter just played the title song from her T-Bone Burnett produced next CD, with the chorus 'I got the medicine that everybody wants.' [3:34 PM, Fri, 6/12] Mike: Catching a bit of Bela Fleck playing with the Malian musician Toumani Diabate. Low-key music but well played... [3:51 PM, Fri, 6/12] Mike: Back at Grace Potter- she's winding up her set with Nothing But the Water. [4:19 PM, Fri, 6/12] Mike: Grace Potter just wrapped a terrific and VERY well-received set. She looks happy but ready to pass out. [4:29 PM, Fri, 6/12] Brian: Santigold or Grizzly Bear? Tough choice! [5:01 PM, Fri, 6/12] Brian: I picked Grizzly Bear, who are excellent! I'm also in the shade. [5:28 PM, Fri, 6/12] Brian: This Grizzly Bear performance is truly phenominal. [6:04 PM, Fri, 6/12] Mike: Al Green is getting the big show biz introduction right now on the main stage. [6:07 PM, Fri, 6/12] Brian: Ladies and gentlemen, Al Green! [6:19 PM, Fri, 6/12] Mike: Wow, Al Green is tearing LOOSE on the title cut from his Lay It Down album. The studio version never sounded this good! [6:24 PM, Fri, 6/12] Brian: Al Green has truly still got it! Its 90 degrees and I have goosebumps! [6:36 PM, Fri, 6/12] Brian: Al Green to security: "we didn't come here to fight, we came here to love!" [6:50 PM, Fri, 6/12] Brian: I think Al Green just brought this whole place together! [7:14 PM, Fri, 6/12] Mike: Al Green ended his set w/o doing Take Me To the River! Maybe he's saving it for a guest appearance with David Byrne? One can hope... [7:20 PM, Fri, 6/12] Mike: Now watching Lucinda Williams doing Tears of Joy. [7:22 PM, Fri, 6/12] Mike: Talking a pause from the music to watch the Penguins. GO PENS! [8:34 PM, Fri, 6/12] Brian: Thinks David Byrne could be the show to see tonight. Headed there now, keep you posted. [8:52 PM, Fri, 6/12] Brian: David Byrne is dusting off some deep Talking Heads cuts tonight. [9:20 PM, Fri, 6/12] Brian: We now interrupt our Bonnaroo updates to say, "Yeah Pens!" [9:43 PM, Fri, 6/12] Brian: Cheers during the "Pittsburgh, PA" line of "Life During Wartime" in Byrne's set. Just like home! [10:01 PM, Fri, 6/12] Brian: David Byrne is doing "Take Me to the River", no Al Green to be seen. Figured that collaboation was a longshot. [10:15 PM, Fri, 6/12] Brian: Seeing Phoenix now. So far, really great! [11:32 PM, Fri, 6/12] Mike: Femi Kuti is playing with a band of eleven musicians. [12:17 AM, Sat, 6/13] Brian: Two words: Phoenix. Awesome. [12:19 AM, Sat, 6/13] Mike: Public Enemy is doing Don't Believe the Hype on stage at Bonnaroo. [12:40 AM, Sat, 6/13] Brian: Just popped over to check out Femi Kuti and the Positive Force playing to a small, but enthusiastic crowd! [12:41 AM, Sat, 6/13]

Bonnaroo 2009 Day Three Updates:

Brian: Done with the broadcast and heading out into the festival. Lots of good stuff today! [1:21 PM, Sat, 6/13] Mike: Allen Touissant is just taking the stage. [1:56 PM, Sat, 6/13] Mike: Toussaint just played Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley. [2:09 PM, Sat, 6/13] Brian: Allen Toussaint's a class act, a good way to start the day of music. [2:09 PM, Sat, 6/13] Mike: After hearing Allen Toussaint play Mother-in-Law, just went to see Robyn Hitchcock & the Venus 3. Robyn's currently playing Arther Kane. [2:23 PM, Sat, 6/13] Mike: Hitchcock is now doing his song Television. He intro'd it by saying it's about the most powerful drug of all. [2:31 PM, Sat, 6/13] Brian: Robyn Hitchcock now, he's here with his band which includes Peter Buck from R.E.M. [2:34 PM, Sat, 6/13] Mike: Digging into back catalog, Robyn Hitchcock is playing Flesh Number One. He acknowledged applause after with 'Thank you, Glorious Vikings!' [2:39 PM, Sat, 6/13] Mike: Peter Buck is playing 12-string electric, backing Robyn Hitchcock on Madonna of the Wasps. [2:43 PM, Sat, 6/13] Mike: Robyn Hitchcock is playing his last song now. I don't think the audience really got his non-sequitur heavy style of humor. [2:56 PM, Sat, 6/13] Brian: Seeing Booker T play the Hammond B3 like no one else can with the Drive By Truckers! [3:09 PM, Sat, 6/13] Mike: Booker T. is on stage, with the Drive-By Truckers as backing band. [3:18 PM, Sat, 6/13] Brian: Booker T & the DBT's are presently doing the classic "Green Onions"! [3:20 PM, Sat, 6/13] Brian: Over at the Raphael Saddiq show now. Soulful and fun! [3:36 PM, Sat, 6/13] Mike: Booker T. said he was going to play Green Onions to a smattering of applause. But as he started it, it turned into a roar of recognition. [3:39 PM, Sat, 6/13] Brian: Most unexpected cover so far! Saadiq is doing The Stooges' "Search and Destroy"! [3:44 PM, Sat, 6/13] Mike: Raphael Saadiq and his band are rocking old-school uniforms: white shirts with skinny black ties. Except for the horn section, which has black shirts, no tie. [3:45 PM, Sat, 6/13] Mike: Hard to see my cell screen thanks to glare from the beating sun, so forgive any typos. Drifted over to hear Rodrigo Y Gabriella. [4:06 PM, Sat, 6/13] Brian: To mellow it up a bit, I'm now at Bon Iver, who's playing "Skinny Love" right now. [4:11 PM, Sat, 6/13] Mike: Although Rodrigo Y Gabriella can sound like an entire show comprised of guitar soloing, there's no denying the duo's talent. [4:14 PM, Sat, 6/13] Brian: Of Montreal is foiling my plans of catching some of their set before Wilco's by starting late. Oh well. [5:23 PM, Sat, 6/13] Mike: Gov't Mule just did a blistering cover of Helter Skelter, and now they're doing a fairly faithful take on Radiohead's Creep. [5:42 PM, Sat, 6/13] Mike: Gov't Mule has reverted back to their own songbook with Beautifully Broken. [5:50 PM, Sat, 6/13] Brian: Wilco's just about to start! [5:59 PM, Sat, 6/13] Brian: Three songs in and Wilco sounds great on the main stage. They started things off with "wilco (the song)". [6:14 PM, Sat, 6/13] Brian: Looks like Wilco will play long enough for us to see the sunset. They are playing great tonight lots of stuff from the upcoming album. [6:54 PM, Sat, 6/13] Mike: Wilco's Jeff Tweedy: 'Go ahead and boo us. Tonight we have a built-in excuse. You're not booing, you're saying BRUUUCE!' [7:01 PM, Sat, 6/13] Mike: Wilco just did a great dual guitar solo in their song Impossible Germany. Now they're on to California Stars. [7:10 PM, Sat, 6/13] Mike: Elvis Costello was just joined on stage by Allen Toussaint doing Ding-Dong. [7:26 PM, Sat, 6/13] Brian: Wilco's soo good, I do not feel compelled to leave and see Elvis Costello! [7:33 PM, Sat, 6/13] Mike: Elvis Costello just played Radio Sweetheart, Everyday I Write the Book, and the new song Sulphur to Sugarcane. [7:38 PM, Sat, 6/13] Mike: Now Elvis is doing a twangy cover of Velvet Underground's Femme Fatale. Wow. [7:42 PM, Sat, 6/13] Mike: Now Jenny Lewis is singing with Elvis! For a billed 'solo' set, there sure are a lot of surprise guests! [7:44 PM, Sat, 6/13] Mike: Elvis is now doing Peace, Love & Understanding backed by Jenny Lewis and her band. [7:53 PM, Sat, 6/13] Brian: Caught the last three Costello songs, now the end of the Decemberists! [8:02 PM, Sat, 6/13] Mike: Bruce Springsteen just hit the stage, opening with Badlands. [9:30 PM, Sat, 6/13] Mike: From Badlands into No Surrender. [9:41 PM, Sat, 6/13] Mike: Bruce dug into My Lucky Day 3rd into the setlist, and is now doing Outlaw Pete. [9:48 PM, Sat, 6/13] Mike: Bruce song 5: Out in the Street. [9:56 PM, Sat, 6/13] Mike: Bruce sound just slightly out of voice. He's now doing Working on a Dream. [10:02 PM, Sat, 6/13] Mike: Bruce is doing his full-on preacher bit during the finale of Working on a Dream. Now playing Seeds. [10:11 PM, Sat, 6/13] Mike: Everybody's getting solos during Johnny 99. [10:16 PM, Sat, 6/13] Mike: Bruce is now playing Youngstown. [10:22 PM, Sat, 6/13] Mike: The E Street Band just went from a rousing Raise Your Hand to a hilarious--and requested--Santa Claus is Coming to Town. [10:37 PM, Sat, 6/13] Brian: I find it odd that Springsteen is doing "Santa Claus is Coming to Town". Its June Bossman! [10:38 PM, Sat, 6/13] Mike: Next up: a driving take on Growin' Up. [10:44 PM, Sat, 6/13] Mike: More requests from the audience: Thunder Road. [10:53 PM, Sat, 6/13] Mike: Bruce working the crowd to mixed results on Workin' on a Sunny Day. Now playing: Promised Land. [10:57 PM, Sat, 6/13] Mike: Bruce takes it down a notch for The River. [11:05 PM, Sat, 6/13] Mike: Bruce moved from Kingdom of Days to Radio Nowhere. [11:17 PM, Sat, 6/13] Mike: Now it's Lonesome Day, and it sounds terrific! [11:20 PM, Sat, 6/13] Mike: Lonesome Day gives way seamlessly to The Rising. [11:24 PM, Sat, 6/13] Mike: Born to Run! [11:28 PM, Sat, 6/13] Brian: I just added a ton of pictures from today at Bonnaroo (Including Springsteen!) to wyep's Flickr page. www.flickr.com/photos/wyep [11:35 PM, Sat, 6/13] Mike: After an encore break, Bruce starts up Stephen Foster's Hard Times. [11:38 PM, Sat, 6/13] Mike: With a cry of 'isn't there anybody alive out there?' Bruce takes the band into 10th Avenue Freeze Out. [11:45 PM, Sat, 6/13] Mike: Now playing: Land of Hope and Dreams. [11:49 PM, Sat, 6/13] Mike: Concluding--maybe--with American Land. [11:57 PM, Sat, 6/13] Mike: Yes! Bruce continues with Rosalita! [12:04 AM, Sun, 6/14] Mike: Now hitting Glory Days. [12:11 AM, Sun, 6/14] Mike: They just keep going! Now it's Dancing in the Dark. [12:16 AM, Sun, 6/14] Brian: Going to check out NIN for a bit, then MGMT, then BED! [12:29 AM, Sun, 6/14] Brian: Nine Inch Nails takes the stage and they are already giving the smoke machines a workout! [1:07 AM, Sun, 6/14] Brian: So far 2 songs from NIN's debut "Pretty Hate Machine", those songs are 20 years old! [1:23 AM, Sun, 6/14] Mike: Ben Harper is rocking the late night crowd at Bonnaroo [1:28 AM, Sun, 6/14] Brian: NIN is now covering Bowie's "I'm Afraid of Americans" [1:44 AM, Sun, 6/14] Brian: MGMT just went on, it's so packed I am nowhere near the stage. Why am I still up? [2:23 AM, Sun, 6/14]

Bonnaroo 2009 Day Four Updates:

Brian: Day four begins... [9:24 AM, Sun, 6/14] Brian: Working on some audio for today's show. Expect backstage performances and interviews from moe., Wilco, The Decemberists, Andrew Bird, etc. [11:01 AM, Sun, 6/14] Brian: Should mention that Trent Reznor announced last night at the show that it was their final performance in the United States. [12:34 PM, Sun, 6/14] Mike: To recap last night late-night, Ben Harper was energetic and well-received, MGMT was PACKED, and 9'' Nails provided the flashy arena-rock. [12:44 PM, Sun, 6/14] Mike: About to start our final live broadcast from Bonnaroo 2009. We have a ton of interviews & performances to share with you! [12:47 PM, Sun, 6/14] Brian: Overcast and cooler today, hope it doesn't rain again. But I think it might. [1:24 PM, Sun, 6/14] Mike: On air with live broadcast. Brand new music from Grace Potter in 3p hour, & Wilco in 4p hour! [1:40 PM, Sun, 6/14] Brian: If you listen closely during Mike's next break, you will hear the insane bass coming from Snoop's soundcheck! [2:25 PM, Sun, 6/14] Brian: Done with the broadcast, now off to some music, Andrew Bird is up. [4:04 PM, Sun, 6/14] Mike: Robert Earl Keen is on stage running through The Road Goes On Forever. [4:19 PM, Sun, 6/14] Mike: Robert Earl Keen is closing out his set with a blistering version of Crossroads, Cream-style. [4:25 PM, Sun, 6/14] Mike: I'm trying to get my U.S. RDA of R&B by seeing Erykah Badu, playing now on the main stage. [4:45 PM, Sun, 6/14] Brian: Sitting in the grass having a late lunch listening to part of Okkervil River's set. [5:07 PM, Sun, 6/14] Brian: Walking past Merle Haggard's set, he's breaking out "Folsom Prison Blues"... [5:13 PM, Sun, 6/14] Mike: Merle Haggard is covering Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues. The place is so packed I'm getting jostled as I write this! [5:18 PM, Sun, 6/14] Mike: Merle has some rabid fans here! Some guys in the back are harrassing the crew to turn it up to counter Andrew Bird next stage over. [5:24 PM, Sun, 6/14] Mike: Merle Haggard just did Workin' Man Blues. His backing band, The Strangers, are good but I've never seen a more inanimate drummer! [5:31 PM, Sun, 6/14] Mike: Okkervil River is winding down their set with Our Life Is Not a Movie Or Maybe. [5:41 PM, Sun, 6/14] Mike: Last song from Okkervil River, Unless It's Kicks. [5:47 PM, Sun, 6/14] Mike: Merle Haggard taking a crack at Cash's Jackson. [5:50 PM, Sun, 6/14] Mike: Someone just made an announcement: despite being 10 mins. past his start time, Snoop Dogg isn't even on site yet. He's on his way, about 5 miles away, and he'll take the stage as soon as he gets here... [6:14 PM, Sun, 6/14] Mike: Looks like Snoop made it after all! [6:24 PM, Sun, 6/14] Brian: Torn between seeing Neko Case and Band of Horses. Thinking BOH. [6:26 PM, Sun, 6/14] Brian: Band of Horses doing a reverb-free version of "Is There A Ghost?" Right now. [6:51 PM, Sun, 6/14] Brian: Neko Case was a little late, but sounds fantastic! Doing "People Got A Lot of Nerve" right now. [7:06 PM, Sun, 6/14] Mike: Snoop Dogg just performed Sensual Seduction, and now brought Erykah Badu on stage for a song together. [7:07 PM, Sun, 6/14] Mike: Band of Horses is playing No One's Gonna Love You in front of a fairly large crowd. [7:17 PM, Sun, 6/14] Brian: Now back at Band of Horses (it's a short walk). They are doing the hauntingly beautiful "The Funeral". [7:27 PM, Sun, 6/14] Brian: Neko Case just said one of the reasons she happy to be back on "her turf" is so she can go to Chic-fil-A! LOL [7:37 PM, Sun, 6/14] Brian: Weirdest duet. Neko Case singing "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" with Truimph The Insult Comic Dog and Yoda! [7:47 PM, Sun, 6/14] Mike: Neko Case just did Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth. [8:13 PM, Sun, 6/14] Brian: Now everybody gets 45 minutes off before the big Phish show. [8:13 PM, Sun, 6/14] Mike: Phish has taken the stage, the final performers of Bonnaroo 2009! [8:51 PM, Sun, 6/14] Mike: Phish are into Gotta Jiboo now. [9:00 PM, Sun, 6/14] Brian: Having some dinner as I watch crews tear down the stages. Phish is jamming in the background. [9:47 PM, Sun, 6/14] Mike: Phish just concluded Silent in the Morning to a mighty shower of glowsticks being thrown in the audience. [10:00 PM, Sun, 6/14] Mike: Bruce Springsteen is joining Phish on stage! [10:09 PM, Sun, 6/14] Brian: Springsteen has just taken the stage with Phish! [10:10 PM, Sun, 6/14] Mike: Phish and Bruce Springsteen and playing Mustang Sally, with the entire audience helping out on the 'ride, Sally, ride' parts. [10:13 PM, Sun, 6/14] Mike: Trey & Bruce are doing a dual guitar solo which is stunning. [10:19 PM, Sun, 6/14] Mike: Bruce is staying on with Phish to do a couple more songs, including Glory Days. [10:26 PM, Sun, 6/14] Mike: Trey and Bruce once again doing dueling solos! [10:29 PM, Sun, 6/14] Brian: I doubt Bruce has ever done a guitar solo like this for "Glory Days" before! [10:30 PM, Sun, 6/14] Brian: Phish is taking a break and so are Mike and I. [10:38 PM, Sun, 6/14] Mike: Phish is back onstage after a lengthy encore. Now playing 46 Days. [11:43 PM, Sun, 6/14] Mike: Phish is now playing Farmhouse. [11:53 PM, Sun, 6/14] Mike: After another brief break, Phish is back on stage playing Suzie Greenberg. [12:27 AM, Mon, 6/15] Mike: Well, Phish has departed the stage. It looks like Bonnaroo 2009 has drawn to a close. [12:32 AM, Mon, 6/15]


Below is the slideshow of Bonnaroo photos. To see pictures individually, and to see all the accompanying captions, go to our Flickr set. See last year's Bonnaroo photos here.