All-Vinyl Day

On Friday, WYEP will be playing all of our music from the Morning Mix until the end of Grand Groove Radio at 8 PM from vinyl records. Although the song selection will be fairly close to what WYEP listeners expect to hear on a regular day, you'll once again hear the rich sound and the occasional crackle or pop that defines the vinyl sound.


Although WYEP's main on-air hosts play the occasional song from vinyl, they will still have to re-learn some old skills for the all-vinyl day. When was the last time that WYEP's hosts recall playing more than one songs back-to-back from vinyl? It's been a dozen years for Morning Mix host Cindy Howes. "Since 1997 for me," says Midday Mix host Kyle Smith. "It has to be the early '90s since I have," chimes in Rosemary Welsch of the Afternoon Mix. "Never!" declares the Morning Mix's Joey Spehar. So it might be a little bit of a high-wire act without a net at times.


Music lovers have an almost mystical attachment to vinyl. As digital music formats dominate the music landscape, vinyl has been making a significant resurgence. For several years now vinyl has been the only physical music format that has been growing in sales, and vinyl revenue to the music industry in 2015 (the last year that data is available) was at its highest level since 1988. The phenomenon is not necessarily rooted in nostalgia, however. While big-sellers in recent years include perennial favorites like The Beatles and Pink Floyd, newer artists like Adele and Alabama Shakes also make the list. And consumers from college-age to as young as nine-year-olds have been bitten by the vinyl bug.


Join us on Friday! It should be a fun day of great music, new and old.