The Local 913: Zeve


The band Zeve make a dreamy blend of psyched out indie rock for people who like to think. Pat Hodge says the band’s latest album – The Only Way Out Is In – was inspired by current events, “It’s no doubt a frustrating time for many of us and I think it’s about facing our issues directly, rather than avoiding them, if we’re to see progress.”

Music certainly has a way of bringing people together. Maybe, just maybe, Zeve can save the world. “Music can have an impact on people that conversation can’t. I’m hopeful that our music helps to give people a different perspective,” Hodge says, “While I don’t think we can save the world, maybe we can help change somebody’s mind of at least make the feel better.”

Hodge explained that “Ancient Tides” is essentially a microcosm of the album as a whole, “It’s essentially about viewing time over the past centuries and generations and realizing where we’ve come to as a society and making sure that we can maintain the positives of what we’ve been able to build, but also reconciling with some of the issues we’ve had in the past.”

Listen to The Only Way Out Is In Here: