The Local 913: Telephone Line


The Telephone Line, fronted by powerful vocalist Addi Twigg, are a Pittsburgh rock band that live on the edge of soul and pop, however, that wasn’t always the case says guitarist Jay Krivanek,

“Addi and I were just talking about how funny our beginnings were. Addi and her friend Lauren wrote songs that had kind of a folky vibe. Our idea was to put a full band behind that kind of sound. We tried that for a couple practices and that didn’t work for us. It was interesting finding out how to play with together especially since some of us didn’t know each other. To be in that vulnerable space like can be weird.”

When they got their sound down and wrote their first song, the band started to gel. After the group released their debut album, Krivanek says they started to re-evaluate their set lists. 

“We wanted some more upbeat songs. The next couple songs we wrote after the album were that and one was “Caving In.” We were comparing it to “Hot Stuff”, Donna Summer when we were thinking about what we wanted it to sound like. We were definitely looking back on the disco-era  and songs that feel good, were simple and had a good sound to them.”

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