The Local 913: Sophia Blake


Sophia Blake absolutely loves writing songs. In fact, the title of her latest album, Endless, is in reference to that passion. "I thought it was a good way to say that songwriting is a thing that I can’t stop doing," she said, and you should believe her when she says that, because even though she is a captivating performer, she would be just has happy working behind the scenes. Blake says, "I’d like to be known as a songwriter first and foremost. I think if I had a chance to have my career performing my own music, touring and performing would be great, but I still have such a huge passion for songwriting itself."

To say she’s prolific would be an understatement. Though she’s still in high school, Endless is Blake’s third album and the conflicting pulls of youth and maturity are certainly not lost on her and you can see it on the album cover which shows a champagne glass full of orange pop. She says, "It’s kind of a metaphor of growing up, but not fully growing up, being on the brink of childhood and adulthood."

Her brand of indie pop puts the spotlight on smart songwriting and thoughtful lyrics which is all evident in the song “The Flame," which she says is "very nostalgic. It’s very much a journey of something burning out. It starts out with memories of avoiding a problem that was always there between two people and then eventually when the chorus hits, it burns up in flames and they realize that it’s become this wildfire, but still wanting to hold onto the memories and not wanting to let go."

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Photo by Maddie Ryan