The Local 913: Punchline


Punchline, who have been creating melodic pop-punk for 20 years in Pittsburgh, have a new album out titled Lion. When first forming the group in 1998, they took inspiration from other bands coming up at the time. 

“At that time, that was the boom of ska-punk. As a bass player, that was really cool for me because it wasn’t just playing root notes, I was playing cool bass lines. I was learning from bands like Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish, Rancid, those kinds of bands. We came from those kinds of bands, but we also came from loving The Beatles. Melody was always a big part of it.”

That’s Chris Fafalios, bass player for Punchline and found member, who along with Steve Soboslai started the band in high school. The two remarked on the evolution of their songwriting. 

Steve: “Where you’re a teenager when you’re writing songs, you’re like ‘Wow! I wrote this, that’s so cool.’ Then in our 20’s, we thought ‘Wow! We can write all different kinds of songs.’ Now, I feel like in our 30’s, we start to be a little pickier about what kinds of songs you’re doing.”

Chris: “You can get a little deeper as far as the meaning. When you’re younger, and we’re not opposed to this now, there are a lot of heartbreak songs. As you get older, you get more introspective and start thinking about life. A theme for this album is living in the moment, not taking anything for granted and getting out there and do whatever it is you wanna do.“

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More on Punchline is at their website. 

Photo by Brendan Walter.