The Local 913: Paul Luc


Singer songwriter, Paul Luc is known for his honest lyrics set alongside his signature acoustic guitar. Although in another lifetime, it could have been more of a brass situation. 

“I played trumpet when I was really little. I was middle school aged when I saw some guys with guitars and thought that was a bit cooler. Right around 6th or 7th grade I got a guitar. My parents got me a Peavey Predator, it was my first guitar and I still have it. They gave it to me for Christmas, but they gave me the amplifier first. I opened the amp and they were like “we have to get you the guitar later.” I thought that was so crazy and wondered why, but they had hidden the guitar away. And then that was the next few years of my life, you know, pounding away on that.”

His new album Bad Seed, recorded in Nashville, was an interesting experiment for Luc. He decided to work with a new round of talent that he’d never played with, met before or even rehearsed with. 

“I’m not really a big believer in magic, or whatever the word is, but there was a little bit of that. We had no rehearsal and we sat down on Monday morning. It takes the engineers awhile to get their microphones in place. We had some time to rehearse more or less. We tracked a song called “Restless Mind,” it’s the first song on the record. As soon as we came into that song, about 30 seconds in, I knew we were all speaking the same language. I think it speaks to the talent level of the musicians I was working with.”

Paul Luc’s new album Bad Seed is out on Feb 9th. More info on his website.

Photo by Steven Jonathan.