The Local 913: Nightly Standard


Nightly Standard’s main songwriter, Seth Dubin, has been writing songs since he began playing music in high school.

“At the time, I was playing the baritone, which is like a miniature tuba; not as portable or fun as the guitar. I found a passion immediately for writing, which kept my passion for the instrument going as well. I had a large band in high school; a nine piece swing band. Wherever I’ve gone since then I start a group.”

Dubin has an affinity for big bands- Nightly Standard boasts seven members.

“Well, I love coordinating schedules; it’s one of my favorite activities (laughs)... I guess it’s my roots in concert band. I love the horn section and love jazz. I have incorporated that in most of my bands. I also love the female voice. My range is pretty limited, so I’ve already written for the female voice and I usually have a female fronted band.”

Nightly Standard has been able to sing with numerous singers over its seven year existence.

“Currently, we are happy to bring in Kelly Tobias who will be singing with us. We’re literally practicing for the first time tomorrow. The sing on the track is Rosanna Spindler, who had been with the band for a year and has decided to pursue other musical journeys. We’re continuing forward and hoping to make this project ongoing. We’re really happy to have Kelly.”

“Adapt,” the new Nightly Standard EP is out now. More information is at their website.