The Local 913: Nevada Color


Nevada Color straddle the line between indie rock brooding and pure pop bliss. Adam Valen (guitar) says the group has spent a ton of time acheiving that sound. "We were writing everyday, practicing everyday trying to write the perfect song. We're on the line between indie and pop and we're trying to write that pop hit," says Valen.

Although the outcome is not always what was expected, Valen says, "Whenever we start a song we don't have any expectations of where it's going to end up. It could take a complete 180. We generally try to keep an open mind when it comes to songwriting."

Nevada Color got their start at Point Park University in Downtown Pittsburgh. Valen says, "There's a lot of room for creativity considering we were around so many unique, creative individuals."

While some members of the band focused on filmmaking in college, Valen purused a degree in entertainment management which has been a boon for the band. Valen says, "It really teaches us about things like going in the back end, how to deal with the licensing and publishing side, and how to work with agents and managers and make those connections. Networking was a huge part of what our professors taught us. You really need to go out there and sell yourself. Work for what you want because it's not going to come to you."

Nevada Color have certainly put themselves out there and in recent years, they've learned more about just who they are. That's what "Outsiders" is about. According to Valen, "That song is about finding out who you are as musicians and individuals."

Check out Nevada Color's latest EP - Rosewater.

Photo by Gregory Neiser