The Local 913: Lyn Starr


Lyn Starr has big plans. “My goal in life is to bring Hip Hop into the collegiate world,” says Starr, “I want to get a PhD in musicology and focus on modern music.”

He is well on his way, having graduated from Pittsburgh’s CAPA and now teaching dance and hip hop to school kids in Pittsburgh. He also has his own production company called High Five Productions where his focus often shifts from making art to making sure people hear and see that art. “Sometimes my business mind will overpower my artistic mind and sometimes my artistic mind will overpower my business mind,” says Starr, “It’s about working with two different sides that really don’t want to work together at all.”

Starr’s collaborative nature even shows up in the way he writes music. Starr says, “I like to write my music with imagery. I like to see a video in my head. With “Life Is Great” I saw this video of me just being in the sun. Walking down the street and seeing kids playing and seeing birds flying. Seeing just the sun being out. To me, the sun is pure happiness. Being out in the summer is just happiness and that’s what I tried to embody in that song.”

Photo by Mike Schwarz