The Local 913: Kayla Schureman


California native Kayla Schureman’s style is rooted in breezy alt-country, but her musical beginnings lay in the beat.

“I started playing music when I was about 11. I was a drummer first and drummed all through high school. Towards the end of high school I started switching to guitar. I was more interested in writing than singing. I never saw myself as a singer. There was a couple records: The Animal Years by Josh Ritter and Failer by Kathleen Edwards. Both of those made me have to write songs. It was almost like not an option to not participate in also writing songs. I felt like even if they were good or if they were bad, I had to contribute to what was going on.” 

The push to write songs was further inspired by her long-time band member Evan Palmer, who she moved to Pittsburgh with 6 years ago as a band. Their friendship, which began on a lark, has solidified into a musical partnership that has lasted a decade.

“I just got a voicemail from Evan one day that he was looking for a drummer and he had heard about me, so we ended up collaborating. I used to listen to his songs that he was writing and I would get inspired. He’s always been a really close friend and an inspiration for writing music.”

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