The Local 913: Grand Piano


Grand Piano is a band that’s been in the making for almost 20 years. "We all grew up in the Pittsburgh punk scene," says bassist Wesley Conroy, "playing in various bands with each other." However, Grand Piano isn’t really a punk band, though their members bring a lot of that influence and energy into the music they make now. Drummer Nick DeAngelo explains that expanding the band’s sound has been very liberating, "At some point we decided to change the palette of sound up a little bit, so we were able to get a couple of horn players involved and as soon as that became part of the process creatively, we stopped trying to hold each other back and just whatever idea came up, we went with."

The band has had lots of ideas. They’ve done an album about the sea. They’ve done an album about space. They’ve even done an album about bugs. Guitarist Thomas Cipollone says that working on concept albums has been a creative boon for the band, "We like to do concept albums because it gives us something to focus on and lets us use our imaginations." DeAngelo adds that, "At it’s core, it’s about storytelling and entertainment and taking themes we can all relate to and looking at them from a perspective that’s a little weird."

I’d try to explain the concept of Grand Piano’s latest album – Lost In The Diamond Labyrinth – but maybe the music should speak for itself.