The Local 913: E May


E May is a natural performer. "Being on stage is definitely my happy place," she says. Now, that stage could involve music, of course, but E May is also an accomplished fire dancer. "For me, fire and music really are similar in that you have to present in the moment," says E May, "When you’re singing or when you’re spinning fire around your head it’s all about presence and I like that. I really do."

Her new album Let Out Your Ghosts could be interpreted as a call for self-examination. "What are you holding onto and is it serving you?," she asks, "That was a really important theme that kept coming up in these songs, whether it was a person or a place or addiction or loss." The song “Long Gone” – while disguised as a relationship song – came from one of those self-assessment sessions. "I was writing it as I was learning to live without this addiction that I had been with for a very long time in different forms. On the surface," she says, "I think it could be seen as a relationship, but it was really a relationship with this bad habit."

For Let Out Your Ghosts, E May was able to put together a band with some pretty impressive credentials saying, "I’m really proud of the work that they all put in and I’m proud of myself for being able to play with them. They are just fantastic, I mean, legendary musicians. No one plays the guitar like Marc Ford and Rami Jaffe is just such a force on the keys. Taras Prodaniuk and Michael Jerome are the rhythm section and they are 2/3 of the Richard Thompson Trio."

Photo by Lauren Zurchin