The Local 913: Clara Kent


Clara Kent was born to be an artist.

"I’ve known my whole life," says Kent, "I don’t recall a time I didn’t think I was going to do music or art at all in my entire life. She has a knack for turning personal experiences into art and her new album – Aura – is very confessional. According to Kent, "It definitely is a journal. I had a moment where I was like, 'I have to align myself with my purpose. I feel like I’m trapped. I have to approach this like I’m speaking to myself, so that’s literally the whole project. I connect more with people now."

Whether she expected that connection or not, Kent has embraced the healing power her music has had on herself and others. "The music – even though it’s from my experience – it’s not my own," says Kent, "Part of my purpose is not only to heal myself but to heal other people, whether it’s through crying, laughing, partying, or reflecting through music. And it made me really appreciate my gift more instead of feeling like I wasn’t worthy of it – and that’s how I felt for a long time. This album was like me reclaiming my power and also healing."

Part of the healing process, of course, is getting to a point where you’re feeling better and Kent wants her music to reflect that. Take the song “Navy Blue” for example. Kent says, "It’s that deep period where you’re just with yourself, you’re asking yourself questions and you’re realizing your value after you had a relationship or job or whatever situation made you feel like you had to reduce yourself. It was me almost speaking of myself as an ocean – wide, expansive, unknown – just learning myself and rising above it into a place that I belong. I wanted people to feel drifty and happy listening to it."

Photo by Jason Cohn

Check out Clara Kent's new album Aura.