The Local 913: Buffalo Rose


Buffalo Rose used to be a really good band, but all of a sudden they’ve been sounding even better. A lot of the credit for that goes to Rosanna Spindler – the group’s newest member. Spindler describes the band’s sound as Soul Grass music and a lot of that soul comes from a heavenly place. "A lot of us sang in church," she says, "So some of it comes from that background and being in choirs and having that big sound. Some of us have played in different soul or funk bands and now we’re bringing that sensibility to the table."

The band's music is mostly rooted in the world of traditional bluegrass – a genre that’s been traditionally resistant to change, though Spindler says audiences have really embraced the group. "I mean, up to this point," she says, "We haven’t had any pushback, I’d say! What is cool is that we’re keeping the folk tradition by not having a drummer, so we’re just sticking with acoustic instruments and trying to build and articulate our sound through the instruments we have without percussion. But, I mean, we’re just trying to do our own thing and mesh the two genres together the best we can and create our own sound."

Buffalo Rose aren't afraid to take chances musically and their new song Rocketship is their most adventurous yet. Spindler calls it "a cool departure for the sound that a lot of people are used to hearing from Buffalo Rose as opposed to this song which is more of a straight-forward pop song where there’s a lead vocalist and backup vocals and we do a big key change at the end. So it’s very pop oriented and it’s cool to hear that with folk instruments."

Check out Buffalo Rose live this Thursday, May 16 at WYEP for the Local 913 Live!

Photo by Tim Evans