The Local 913: Best of 2018 Donora


Pittsburgh’s premiere indie pop band, Donora’s latest album “Sun To Me” is one of our top local releases for 2018. The notoriously positive group returns with a bright disposition on current events.

“There’s lot of sun imagery through this album: sun, heat, fire. That sort of all goes hand and is about passion. This album is about living passionately and choosing love. I think it’s really important to live with passion and have things that you really care about, to have things that you’re willing to stand up for and fight for. It’s not a concept album but I think we were, as everybody was dealing with some really terrible things that were happening and are still happening in the world. That was our way of dealing with that, working on this album and writing this music.”

That’s frontwoman Casey Hanner, whose voice is notably evolved on the new Donora songs. 

“When the band started out, we were playing at the Brillo Box for our friends. It was loud and people were drunk, not that that’s not the case anymore! I think we wanted to showcase my voice in a different way. Our songwriting style has definitely changed. The band started out as writing songs as a band for live shows. That has slowly changed and morphed into us writing in the studio. It changes the way you sing; singing into a mic in a studio as opposed to singing while the full band is playing around you.” 

For more on Donora, check out their website.

Photo by Nicole Lockerman