The Local 913: Avi Diamond


Pittsburgh singer/songwriter Avi Diamond’s sound draws from diverse influences like Cabaret and rock and beyond. On her new EP Wolfmother, she also found influence living in the woods,

“I did an internship in upstate New York. I was doing music therapy work for kids with special needs. While I was there, it was so therapeutic to be removed from the city and have space to reflect and start over for a couple months. I was getting in touch with who I was and leaving a stressful controlling relationship. It was like breathing, emotionally and you know, just breathing fresher air.”

Mainly a piano player, she had Bryce Rabideau of Ferdinand the Bull play guitar on the EP. However, Diamond has been secretly playing guitar for some time and is starting to play guitar more at live shows. 

“It’s interesting because in my music there are a lot of themes of duality. There’s me when I was more controlled and repressed and trying to be something for other people. Then there’s me after all that. It’s funny because piano is my base and where I started and I felt like I [couldn’t] go beyond that. Guitar is sort of a symbol for me branching out and realizing that I can develop new skills, I’m not incompetent. I am a good musician. I can learn new things and be good at them.”   

Find out more and get Avi Diamond’s new EP Wolfmother at her Bandcamp.