Steve Forbert Guest DJ


Steve Forbert plays Guest DJ with Cindy Howes on The Morning Mix.

The singer/songwriter chose the Van Morrison song “Give Me a Kiss” not because it’s one of his favorite albums but because it’s a carefree song from one of the first few albums Forbert’s owned. “In this period Van was so happy.” “It was so great to imagine Van Morrison going home with his girlfriend Janet Planet sitting around listening to The Band on the record player.”

Another song chosen by Forbert was the Jr. Walker song “What Does It Take to Win Your Love.” It was a hit in 1970, Forbert said, and a song that would always make him feel better. “Even if I’m in a good mood it makes me feel better.”

Forbert chooses to end the set with the Johnny Winter song “Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo,” a simple “meat-and-potatoes” type song. “Two guitars, basic drums — really good guitars — and I prefer it to the Rick [Derringer]’s hit that came out a little later on AM radio.”

Last year was the 35th anniversary of Forbert’s debut album Alive on Arrival and this year, his album Jackrabbit Slim will also turn 35. Forbert said last year, he and The Band played Alive on Arrival in its entirety for select dates around New England, and they planned to do the same thing with Jackrabbit Slim later this year for about two weeks. “I’m looking forward to getting back with that group. They’re friends of mine now, and we have a good time.”

Steve's song picks:
1. Van Morrison - "Give Me a Kiss"
2. Jr. Walker & Allstars - "What Does It Take To Win Your Love"
3. Johnny Winter - "Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo"

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