Sam Roberts on The Morning Mix


The Sam Roberts Band frontman talks to Cindy Howes on The Morning Mix about the bands latest, Lo-Fantasy.

On Lo-Fantasy, the band decided to work with known electronic producer “Youth,” but Roberts says he isn’t exclusively electronic. “[Youth] has a real grasp on songs — how to make a song move, how to make a song breath.” Youth is known to be pretty brutal in the studio and as an artist facing that, Roberts says, it takes a bit of thick skin artistically to make sure the ideas get across. In the first few hours when Roberts met “Youth,” he was criticized and asked by Youth “where’s the chorus?” in his songs when Roberts was still trying to figure out the new material himself.

Growing up in Montreal but having parents of South African descent, Roberts says the musical influence of South African culture is in one way or another a part of his style. “I had to almost become more Canadian as the years went by; I sort of had to learn about the country I was actually from and living in.” Roberts says his South African roots very much inspired his guitar playing, rhythmic nature and harmonies.

If you’ve tried it or not, Sam Roberts, indeed, has his own beer which is, unfortunately, only available in Canada so far. It’s brewed, by teams of scientists, Roberts says jokingly, to perfectly go along with listening to the new record. “It was like Clockwork Orange, [Me and my bandmates] would sit there and have to consume mass quantities of this beer and find the exact right combination— emotional combination — with the music before we would go ahead to the next step of the beer’s development.”

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