Rachael Price of Lake Street Dive on The Morning Mix


Lake Street Dive lead singer, Rachael Price, recently joined Cindy Howes of the Morning Mix to discuss the band’s new record, Bad Self Portraits. Bad Self Portraits is the third studio album of this Boston based indie jazz band, released on Signature Sound Recordings.

The group met in jazz school at the New England Conservatory of Music, playing music with each other in practice rooms around campus and eventually expanding to random gigs in bubble tea shops and Chinese food parlors.

The albums title track, “Bad Self Portraits” shows how the band members write songs of their personal experiences, each song serving as a self portrait of sorts. “The title of the album primarily came from the title of that song but we sort of realized it was an apt title because songs are a self portrait for what you’re going through at the time.” Rachael notes that their songs aren’t necessarily bad self portraits, but at least “some kind of self portrait.”

Rachael Price was raised in a home full of music as her father was a choral and orchestra composer and conductor. Around 10 or 11 years old, Price began performing on stage around the country in the choir conducted by her father. “It was around 11 or 12 he would start giving me solos so I could get up and perform by myself. My love for performing sort of started then,” says Price.

One of the directors of the Netflix Original Series “House of Cards” approached Rachael at a show and inquired about using her for a singing role on the show. Thinking nothing would come of it, Price shrugged it off but to her surprise, she was called to sing the National Anthem on the show. If you missed Rachael Price on “House of Cards”, you can still check out all of Lake Street Dive in Pittsburgh on March 29th at Mr. Smalls Fun House where they will be performing music from Bad Self Portraits.  

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