Pat DiNizio of The Smithereens Guest DJ Set


The Smithereens will be playing at this year’s Three Rivers Arts fest and before the show member Pat DiNizio Guest DJs on The Morning Mix with Joey Spehar, sharing contemporary music that inspires him.

One of DiNizio’s picks “Talk About the Passion” by R.E.M. has some difficult lyrics to make out by ear, but despite that, everyone has a passion, so the song doesn’t need to be fully understood to be fully enjoyed. “You really can’t understand the words at all to what Michael Stipe is singing in the song. It’s almost like gibberish, but that’s one of the appeals of the song.”

The Beatles have a universal appeal nowadays, but for 9-year old DiNizio the album Beatles ’65 had a big influence on his musicianship that would stay with him for the rest of his career, even though DiNizio claims his band came before the Beatles. “You’re the sum total of everything that you’ve ever listened to and enjoyed that influenced you as a human being and consequently a musician, so “I’ll Be Back” is right up there with the great Beatles songs.”

Pat ends his Guest DJ set with one his favorite compositions “Blues Is King” by Marshall Crenshaw. “It’s another tune that I wish I had written.” Dinizio says Crenshaw is still coming up with great material he will be touring with him throughout the summer and fall.

Pat DiNizio’s Guest DJ set:

R.E.M. - “Talk About the Passion”

The Beatles - “I’ll Be Back”

Marshall Crenshaw - “Blues Is King”

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