Over The Rhine Guest DJ on The Morning Mix


Over the Rhine is a husband/wife American folk band from Ohio and recently played at The Rex Theater in Pittsburgh. Linford Detweiller of Over the Rhine joined Cindy Howes of the Morning Mix to play guest DJ for WYEP listeners.

Detweiller began his set with “Bird on a Wire” by Leonard Cohen from his 1969 release Songs From a Room. “I think lyrically it’s just one of those perfect songs with relatively simple language, but it’s incredibly fresh and timeless,” says Linford.

Linford transitions from Leonard Cohen to Ron Sexmith with the song “Secret Heart” from Sexsmith’s 1995 self-titled album. Detweiller tells us that Sexsmith is another artist he admires who masters the art of writing music with very simple language. “His lyrics feel like something that was uncovered that always existed. I love the simplicity of his writing but, again, there’s also a timelessness that all of us songwriters hope to find along the way somewhere”

Detweiller finishes his Morning Mix guest DJ set with Bonnie Raits’ “You Can’t Fail Me Now” from her 2012 album Slipstream. This song is a cover from Detweiller’s friend and producer Joe Henry. “This song has been around for a little while,” says Linford, “It’s been one of those beautiful little mysterious transmissions and I just love Bonnie Raits’ take on this song.”

The latest Over the Rhine record is Meet Me At The Edge of the World, released this past September but they have a project in the works with aforementioned Joe Henry. Hear the full Guest DJ set with Linford Detweiller of Over the Rhine below.

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