Local 913, Episode 92: Wreckloose


Formed by several members of the Pittsburgh band, Backstabbing Good People, Wreckloose has been catching people’s attention in the city since 2013. Taking inspiration from classic rock like Elton John, Warren Zevon and The Beatles, the group got their name from their reclusive front man, Max Somerville:

“I love playing with Wreckloose because I love writing music. I get to bring music to 3 guys who understand what I do and I understand what they do. We get to write great music together, but when we play live, I’m sitting behind a piano. I use that as a shield. When the music’s playing, I get to let loose and sing and be loud. When the music stops and there’s time to talk in between [songs], I’m not making eye contact and saying something weird or ironic that will deflect away any attention. Yeah, being a front man is weird.”

Recently, Wreckloose released a studio version of “Long Time Listener,” a staple of their live sets. 

“It’s a song about grappling with inspiration and the highs and lows that brings; the level of arrogance that I see in myself when I’m writing music and I feel great about it. That’s why I keep doing it. Then the low is when you’re going through a spell of writers block and it feel like you’ll never write again. I’m praying that the next song saves my life is like me saying that I’m really low right now. I need to write a great song right now and I’m praying this next one is The One.”


For more on Wreckloose, check out their website: wrecklooseband.com

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