Local 913, Episode 91: Meeting of Important People


For the last few weeks of 2016, we’re revisiting WYEP’s Top 5 local releases of the year. This week we focus on our #1 local album of the year from Meeting of Important People.

Formed in 2008, Meeting of Important People has become one of Pittsburgh’s premiere indie-rock bands. Led by Josh Verbanets, MOIP just released their third album TROIKA. Verbanets explains the album title:

“It’s like a political alliance in old Europe or Russian, when three countries would all get together. It seems liked a nice representation of the three people in the band. This album was a return to all three of us doing everything equally together: writing and performing live. Troika is also a folk dance in Russia, so it has the musical element to it. I knew Troika because in the 80’s there was a series of amusement park rides called Troika. Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH had one. It seemed to have all these themes that worked for MOIP.”

Previously songs were solely composed by Verbanets, whether it was newly written material or songs from his past bands: The You and Lohio. Verbanets credits his bandmates, Aaron Bubenheim and Matt Miller for contributing to the writing process more so than ever before. About 4 years ago, Verbanets was lucky enough to be able to quit his accounting job at the Carnegie Museums to focus full-time on music:

“We licensed some of our songs: MOIP songs and other songs that I had written, to film and TV advertisements. It was enough to let me quit my day job for a while. At first, it was an experiment, I just thought maybe I can go all in for 6 months or a year and see what happens. I also started a children’s performing business with Gab Bonesso, who’s a great Pittsburgh comedian. That project: Josh and Gab, took off completely. It’s been just incredible.”


For more on Meeting of Important People, go to their website. Photo credit: Chris Sprowls.

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