Local 913, Episode 90: Morgan Erina


For the last few weeks of 2016, we’re revisiting WYEP’s Top 5 local releases of the year. This week we focus on #2 from Morgan Erina, who released her EP Lady in May of this year. 

“I think it’s still in the same common thread of what I used to write. I’m not necessarily writing to make sure that there can be harmonies anymore, which is what I did in Broken Fences.  In this, I think I’m still on that folk-indie train. Maybe it was a little better for me to do this solo because I did have complete control.”

That’s Pittsburgh singer-songriter, Morgan Erina talking about writing songs on her new EP, Lady. This release marks Erina’s first musical output since her indie folk duo Broken Fences disbanded in 2013. Erina, who is a prolific songwriter with over 600 written songs, has been working on Lady for about a year at Pittsburgh’s Treelady Studios. The EP includes guest appearances from Nathan Zoob on guitar and Brooke Annibale on harmony vocals. About the inspiration for lead track “Ask Me,” Erina explains:

“Actually it’s funny because when I first started writing this song something I wanted to put into it is my hatred for coconuts [Laughs]. That’s kind of where it started, but then it developed into an actual really emotional song that’s not really about coconuts. There is a line in there about coconuts, though!”


For more on Morgan Erina, check out her website, morganerina.com

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