Local 913, Episode 5 - Meeting of Important People


Meeting of Important People 

If you've been listening to WYEP over the past half-dozen years, you've probably heard about the Pittsburgh trio Meeting of Important People. Over the course of their two full-length albums, the group has made some tremendously catchy pop-rock songs that can stick in your head in the best possible way. The band is fronted by guitarist/vocalist Josh Verbanets, and propelled by bassist Aaron Bubenheim and drummer Matt Miller. Each member has been playing in different area bands since they were much younger, and they got together as sort of a local supergroup in 2007. The band released their self-titled debut album in 2009, earning them plaudits from a number of sources including from us here at WYEP who declared them our 2009 Local Artist of the Year. In 2012, Meeting of Important People returned with the album My Ears Are Having a Heart Attack, once again continuing their tradition of crafting engaging songs with big hooks and a bright sound. The band promises on their Facebook page that they keep the "loud parts loud and the pretty parts pretty," and while that's a whimsical way to sum up their sound, they do have a knack for pulling off rock songs with harmonies, a fun sound, and clean production. They can take elements reminiscent of The Kinks, Fountains of Wayne, Guster, and The Who Sell Out-era The Who, and make it sound their own. Their new single, "All Ride Off Together," puts into one song a lot of what the band has been seemingly working towards since they began recording. An energetic rhythm and gentle guitars start the song which builds to a gigantic sound, including a chorus of notable guests from the local music scene, including Chet Vincent, Morgan Erina, and Andre Costello.

Find out more about Meeting of Important People at their website.

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